Mad Dog Mattis groks Russia!


* Russians see western law-abidingness as an exploitable weakness.

* They function by making threats, and getting others to back down.

* They consider democracy and prosperity on their boarders to be a threat.

* They try to secure themselves by sowing chaos and instability.

* Rampant alcoholism and abortion-as-birthcontrol – they’re already off the demographic cliff. (In sharp constrast to all the “traditionalist brotherhood” propaganda.)

* Most jihadists of any non-Middle East country.

* Real possibility of fracturing. (As was also concluded by Stratfor.)

* They’ve threatened Nuclear War against the US (and Poland and others).

Boys from Banderstadt

Awesome Ukrainian cadence — Boys from Banderstadt

The original song came of Ukraine’s iconic rock band “Brativ Hadiukinyx,” which ofted did satirical rock and roll.

This particular song, which has been re-made into a cadence jokes about how Russia always calls Ukrainians fascist followers of Bandera.

Some of the lyrics herein which are sung very aggressively and menacingly translate as: “We are boys from Baderstadt. We go to church and respect our parents.”

Bragging about #MH17 Mascara

This is the type of thing I’m talking about when I say that Westerners have no idea about the dark depths of Russian nihilism. (Just as Russians have no idea about Western idealism. They assume westerns are either lying, or hopelessly naive and therefore weak.)

See also, When a mass grave was revealed in Kolpashevo, Siberia in 1979 — A story about Soviet man. A story about Russia.

Poland was banned from 1946 WW2 Victory Parade to appease Stalin

In the 1946 London victory parade that commemorated the victorious allies against Nazi Germany, Polish forces, who were the first and one of the most important allies in the war against Hitler and Germany, were forbidden to participate and the Polish flag was removed because the western allies did not want to annoy Russia and to remind everyone how they betrayed Poland at tne end of WW2 and sold it to Stalin.

In 1958 Mao Zedong ordered all the sparrows to be killed because they ate too much grain.

Yes, Communism is this stupid. See also, “the “ryazan miracle”.

—“In 1958 Mao Zedong ordered all the sparrows to be killed because they ate too much grain. This caused one of the worst environmental disasters in history. . . .

This lead to a problem the next year. It was noticed that insect infestation of crop fields had soared. Sparrows ate pests such as locusts, and after the campaign, the locusts lost their major predator. This meant that killing the sparrows was counter-productive. The sparrows, it seemed, didn’t only eat grain seeds. They also ate insects.

Locust populations boomed and they ate everything in their path.”—

New Years vs Christmas

The communists, in their attempt to destroy culture, and specifically, Christianity, attempted to replace Christmas with New Years, and they shifted many of the traditions, like gift giving, family gathering, and the Christmas tree to New Years.

(This is much less palpable in Lviv and Western Ukraine where the people remain more religious and both pagan and Christian traditions are much more closely observed. That’s part of the reason my heart remains in Galicia, even though I live in the capital.)

Sadly, many Ukrainians aren’t even aware of why the celebrate New Years the way that they do. Ukrainian television seems perfectly content to cater to the godless Bolshevik New Years holiday.

I’m not against celebrating the New Year, but I want to see its status lowered to well below that of Christmas.