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Russians need a story.

March 2nd, 2015

The accumulated weight of Russia’s lies has to be pressing on something – there has to be a consequence to it.

For centuries they’ve valued strength above everything else, but they lie to achieve it, and because no one can trust anyone else, they are far weaker than their European neighbors. Maybe it’s time for them to understand the truth.

But to accept it, Russians need a moral exit. They need a way to feel good about themselves that isn’t a lie. They need to rediscover their own story. They need a new mythology.

But they’ve been lied to for so long: Russians are not ‘Rus’. They are not Kievan. They are Muscovites – Europeans, mostly – but their culture and institutions are Byzantine, Mongol, Tatar and Islamic. And that is an unappealing, uninspiring history.

This conflict may be truth’s conquest of strength. It will continue toward Moscow because truth and cooperation is stronger than strength exercised as savagery and corruption.

The faster Muskovites find their story and return to their roots, the less people will suffer.

Russian propaganda works to destroy the very idea of truth. They are very, very far from western civilization.



Latest from Russian media: “US-owned Wikipedia published news of Nemtsov death earlier than it happened”:

Cyborgs-executed1 Cyborgs-executed2

Report (.pdf):


On July 30 2014 the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works issued a
Minority Staff report titled “The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and
Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA.”

The 92–page report details a dizzy web of “dark money” from foreign investments to the American environmental movement through a foundation called Sea Change Foundation. At one point, the authors identify the limitations of their report:

“While this report sheds significant light on the who and the how, the truly outrageous nature of these complex arrangements are only understood by exploring the why. This report articulates several possible reasons for the convoluted and secretive structure of the far-left environmental movement; yet, at the end of the day, we are still asking – why? Why are members of the Billionaire’s Club going to such extreme lengths to hide their generous support of supposed charitable causes?”

In the below report, we believe we have taken an important step toward answering that question with
new information and never-before-identified players and connections.

Our report begins where the Senate report ended, with Klein Ltd. Klein Ltd., a corporation that “only exists on paper” and is based out of a Bermuda law firm called Wakefield Quin, gave $23 million dollars to environmental bundler Sea Change Foundation from 2010 to 2011, which has given tens of millions to other U.S. environmental groups. While it is unclear who is funding Klein, the law firm controlling this shady offshore funder of the U.S. environmental movement has ties to Russian money
laundering, a friend and advisor of Vladimir Putin, Russian oil production, and more.

According to its Articles of Incorporation, Klein was formed by two employees of Wakefield Quin
(WQ), a Bermuda law firm. A Klein director and WQ senior counsel, along with another WQ senior
counsel, have pasts that should be considered questionable at best. Both held directorship positions
in a group, owned by Russian minister of telecommunications and longtime Putin friend Leonid
Reiman, which was the subject of a 2008 money laundering case. The group was ultimately convicted
in British Virgin Islands court.

WQ’s Russian involvement doesn’t stop there. Marcuard Spectrum, a Moscow-based investment firm, operates a hedge fund in Bermuda based out of WQ’s office. Both of the aforementioned WQ lawyers are listed in leadership positions. Further, one of the founders of Marcuard is also the chair of Russian-owned oil giant Rosneft.

There have been significant questions about whether foreign interests—particularly Russian—are funding attacks on U.S. natural gas because it would hurt the Kremlin. Here we have a major foreign funder of the U.S. environmental movement tied through its Bermuda office to Russian money laundering and the Russian government.

What a PERFECT title for a book about Russia’s Communist past:

Related to my observation: The Russian Way of War

“The arming and equipment of the soldiers does not correspond to contemporary standards. They do not have the arms, the protection, or the communications” that modern armies do. “Nothing has changed in principle.” Russia doesn’t produce “contemporary rifles or normal bullets, or artillery shells” and consequently “shoots with the old ones.”

“There are no sniper rifles and no snipers,” he continues. “There is a clutch of specialists in the FSB who have foreign arms and bullets. Russian tanks are antiquated and poorly armed, and they are “willingly purchased only by those countries which do not have any problems with their birthrates.”

Russian aviation, Felgengauer continues, “cannot effectively support ground forces, in any case, at night or in bad weather.” Russian avionics are antiquated. And radars of the most advanced kind are produced only in the US. “We used to purchase them, but we can’t get them anymore.” Russia can’t produce equivalents.” And it lacks the GPS guidance systems that make modern armies so effective.

All this means, he concludes, that Russia’s armed forces currently “are at the level of Pakistan’s. Of course, [Russia] has nuclear weapons, rockets, and submarines,” although “how many of them really are suitable for use in the event of a nuclear war, no one knows for certain or will specially seek to find out.”

Changing that, Felgengauer says, will not be easy because “all serious modernizations in Russian history have relied on Western technology,” and now it is going to be more difficult to gain access to it.

Nothing but respect for people who help defend the commons.

Evgeny “Benya” Yatzina, 25, was a member of the “cyborgs,” the unit that defended the Donetsk airport, Kiev’s only foothold in the rebel capital, until it was overrun in late January, the Forum Daily website reported.

“He was killed on the 20th of January, but his body was found in snow only a few days ago,” said Shimon Briman, Forum Daily’s Israeli and former Soviet Union editor. “The body was transferred to Dnipropetrovsk, and his mother went from Kiev to Dnipropetrovsk for identification.”

Briman said Yatzina had proudly identified as Jewish, greeting his friends by saying shalom and asking that they call him Benya, a “very Jewish nickname in Ukraine” that he shared with oligarch and Dnipropetrovsk regional governor Igor Kolomoisky.

They never really discovered truth. They’ve always had a version of strength instead of truth, and they lie their asses off to exercise it. But because of this metaphysics, nobody trusts anybody. It’s a low trust society with a very low capacity for cooperation, both internally and with outsiders.

So even though they value strength, their inability to trust each other makes them weaker than European peoples.


Europe (really North Sea Europe): Truth (ie Science)
Jews: Language
Muslim Civilization: Family
China: Bureaucracy
Russia: Strength
India: Brahminism

Maybe I should revise “Europe”.

Anglo – Truth (Science)
Germany – Duty

Anglos are an island people and had the luxury of putting truth ahead of duty. Germans were a continental people who survived by strength of arms. It’s no coincidence that that counter-enlightenment began in Germany.

Also, the war between and Anglos and Germans marks the second time that civilization ended in a war between the navy and the army. The industrial revolution may very well have happened in ancient Greece had not civilization’s navy (Athens) got to war with civilization’s army (Sparta).

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