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Bravo! This should be the logical move, since 1. the Budapest Memorandum has proved worthless, 2. the Russians only seem to understand brute force, and 3. never in history has the west saved Ukraine from Russia, despite promises to do so. (Not that they should.)

I think this move would make the west reconsider its passivity. Either they help, or let Ukraine defend itself. I think that’s for western countries to decide, but the Ukrainian point of view goes like this: we’ve been abandoned to the wolves twice in the past century (after each of the world wars) we need to either get these pussies in the west to start helping us, or we need to get ourselves some weapons to counter the superior military might of Russia.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has information that the Russian special services are planning to kill the leaders of militants as unwanted witnesses, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, Zorian Shkiriak, has said.

Seems like something they’d do, sooner or later. Might be too early, though. Putin doesn’t want to back off. It’s against his nature.

I’ve heard this “who benefits” argument several times, and I’m astounded by its popularity. The argument should have been dead on arrival.

If you can imagine a world in which:
- The incident took place deep in Ukrainian-controlled territory.
- The Ukrainian military celebrated shooting down a Russian plane before realizing it was MH17.
- Ukrainian television celebrated shooting down a Russian plane before realizing it was MH17.
- The Ukrainian military dispatched forces to capture the pilots.
- Intercepted recordings emerged of local Ukrainian forces declaring to shocked commanders that it was a civilian plane.
- Ukrainian military forces refused access to the site and even fired warning shots to keep inspectors away.

Then Russia would benefit. Russia would benefit hugely. Their seventy-year-old propaganda of slandering all opposition as Nazi/fascist would finally have some solid evidence.

But in fact it was the Russians / mercenaries / separatists who did all these things.

The counter-theories being spun by the Kremlin certainly deserve close consideration, but one by one they can be found to be smoke and mirrors. Grasping at straws. Something to fuel to libertarians who function on intuition instead of logic.

You can also take it in the context of Russia’s persistent and absurd lies regarding this conflict. There is no equivalence, despite Ron Paul’s lazy, obscurantist, hand-waving claim that “everybody is spreading propaganda.”

After arguing against empire since 2004 (or longer), and against the EU since 1993 (or longer), it satisfies the intuitive impulses of libertarians to doubt the main stream accounts of the crash, which in this case happen to be supported by a vast preponderance of the evidence.

From within the confines of the United States, it can be hard to even imagine why a society would be begging to join the west. But they are. For all it’s decline and fiscal bankruptcy, the west remains vastly superior to Russian kleptocracy, and if you don’t believe me, just look where all of Russia’s elite, including Putin himself, send their children to live.

Different people will consistently make arguments that are consistently either logical/rational, intuitive, or emotional/moralizing. Perhaps a lot of intuitive libertarians recoil at the massive evidence Putin’s aggression and barbarity because they can’t separate it from the arguments they been making since 2004 against US empire. They simply can’t process the existence of a society begging for NATO/western help.

Add to this the enemy-of-my-enemy bias, the concise talking points of the Kremlin’s propaganda network, and their army of internet trolls turning reality upside down . . . .

One Russian’s perspective:

Help Ukraine. They have terrific outsourcing shops and consulting firms. Send them business if you can. Recent revolution would unlock even more creative force in this economically modest, yet energetic country. They are the first large group of ethnic “russians” who become free on their own power and valor. To understand the scale of that achievement, here is the last group of Russians who were not ruled by khans, czars, communist chairmans or KGB generals: Free Novgorod Republic. That was over 1000 years go. Ukrane was a cradle of Russian civilization – they might become a source of it rebirth yet again. . . .

Personally, I’m thinking to start calling myself Euro-Slavic instead of “Russian”. It’s a flimsy defense, yet Russian brand, after already being tainted with gulag and the rest of its toxic legacy, is now synonymous with mass murder of innocent civilians. There is nothing of value left to recover.

Kozak Mamay

July 21st, 2014


With its annexation of the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in March, Russia gained 467 health spas, 232 hotels, 92 children’s health camps and 517 kilometers of beach previously owned by the Ukrainian government, the report said. About 31 billion rubles ($882 million) of state funds are to be spent on developing the region’s tourism infrastructure.

The state currently owns 180 to 190 health resorts, but about half of them are in a state of disrepair, a representative of the Crimean resorts and tourism department told Kommersant. He said the ones that are in poor condition could be given to buyers who are prepared to take on their repair, while the other half could be transferred to government agencies or state-owned companies.

Doctors w/o Borders office in #Donetsk smashed, looted consistent with DPR terrorist manual:

Pavel Gubarev, the self-styled “governor” of Donetsk and the leader of the Novorossiya (New Russia) movement, recently posted the manual, entitled “Methodological Guide for Struggle Against the Junta,” on his personal website. (The “junta” is the separatists’ name for the Ukrainian government in Kiev.) There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the document. . . .

The next step is to find money, transport, reliable communications, and weapons. Robbing banks is dangerous, says Gubarev, so smashing ATM machines is the way to go. Access to a large number of used cars and throwaway cell phones is also advisable.

As for weapons, “the best way is to acquire them from criminal acquaintances.

Discussion: Questions Raised Over Merkel’s Communist Past – Breitbart London

Americans frustrated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reluctance to meet demands for stronger sanctions against Russia have now begun to ask if there is a good reason the German leader has been targeted by US spies.

One Washington foreign policy expert, who did not wish to be named, this week described Merkel to Breitbart London as “a former member of the East German Communist Party who functioned as a mid-level propaganda commissar for the Free German Youth, that is, the young Communists.” “She and the then-KGB operative Putin, who is fluent in German, were active in East Germany at the same time. Whether they met or worked together, I don’t know, but they were both in the same line of work.”

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Update on Fighting

July 20th, 2014

Retweeted NSDC of Ukraine (@NSDC_ua):

8 Ukrainian soldiers had died, 50 wounded since yesterday ‪#‎RIP‬ ‪#‎Ukraine‬


Ukrainian airstrike near Luhansk, anti-AA flares burn in the sky.


Retweeted NSDC of Ukraine (@NSDC_ua):

Today in ‪#‎Ukraine‬ np Strilkove Kherson region. ‪#‎Russian‬ military deployed tanks 4, 3 BTR and approx. 100 soldiers.

(Near Crimea)


#BREAKINGFOOTAGE Russian invasion troops take up positions south of #Snizhne #Donetsk

Fake Separatism

July 20th, 2014

There was no pro-Russian movement to speak about in Crimea and southeast Ukraine up until March this year. There was nothing like massive Albanian demonstrations in the Yugoslav-controlled Pristina, no history of national uprisings as in Poland or sectarian violence as in Northern Ireland, no singing revolution as in Estonia. There were no liberation leaders like Ibrahim Rugova or Dzhokhar Dudayev.

Politicians who proclaimed the creation of Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” are nobodies who emerged from nowhere – a soap factory owner, a financial pyramid scheme operative and a Santa impersonator with links to an openly fascist Russian movement. They were eventually elbowed out by Russian nationals with no links to eastern Ukraine whatsoever. . . .

Igor Girkin, the person who is touted by Russian media as the military chief of the uprising, has lived all his life in Moscow and claims to be a retired colonel of the Russian security service, the FSB. The core of his army comprises of military units from Russia proper as well as former Ukrainian special troopers and riot policemen who took part in the standoff with anti-government protesters that led to bloodshed in Kiev. . . .

Many of them hail from the Russian-occupied Crimea. Local recruits may be often traced to organised crime groups that reined the area in the 1990s and became the power base of the recently ousted president Yanukovich.

Known for its near-suicidal political passivity, the local population by and large stays neutral, which has prompted Girkin to complain about their lack of enthusiasm for the uprising on several occasions.

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FYI Mrs #Adonina (#Russian citizen) was involved to #Polish plane crash (when hundred Poland officials died) investigation in 2010 | EMPR

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