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Goodbye, Russia!

November 21st, 2014

Goodbye NKVD/KGB/FSB. Goodbye propaganda. Goodbye fake “brothers” we never really had & sure as hell didn’t want. Goodbye fake history. Goodbye autocracy. Goodbye lies. Goodbye hammer and sickle. Goodbye Lenin-Stalin worship. Goodbye intimidation, brutality, savagery, poverty. We won’t miss you. No, we don’t want to invade you, we just want to put up a wall and stake out the frontier of *****WESTERN***** civilization. Goodbye!


Give Poland nukes! Having experienced it so painfully, Poland understands the Russian mentality better than any other EU country. They only need a few. Russia is a one-city country. If you have the capability to nuke Moscow, you have mutually assured destruction.


Mikhail Leontiev, vice-president of Rosneft, proposes to intimidate Western countries with nuclear weapons into lifting sanctions:

He made the claim in an interview published on Thursday in the Russian right-wing newspaper Zavtra.

“I was me who pulled the trigger of war,” Girkin said.

“If our squad had not crossed the border, everything would have come to an end, like in Kharkiv, like in Odesa,” Girkin said, referring to failed attempts earlier in the year to overthrow the local authorities in these cities.

“There would have been a few dozen killed, burnt, arrested – and that would have been it. But this flywheel war, which is still going on, was started by our group,” he said.

He also said that he was not from the military, but from the “secret services,” and confirmed that Russian regular army units are involved in the war.

Earlier Girkin said that in the beginning of April, he had crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border with a group of 52 people. The seizure of Ukrainian local government buildings, police stations and security service offices by “separatists” in eastern Ukraine started in mid April this year.

Ukrainian officials consider the lack of U.S. support a particular slight. Some frame the conflict as an existential one for the West. And they smart at the sales made to other, decidedly less democratic states. Others feel Washington had effectively promised to arm Kiev by saying it would help Ukraine “build a capable army,” as senior State Department official Victoria Nuland put it in the spring, but then left it in the lurch. Igor Smeshko, head of Ukrainian military intelligence, complained at a conference on Wednesday that U.S. and European officials had urged Kiev to hold off airstrikes when the first Russian armored columns crossed the border in the summer, then

“The West made us lose this war,” a Ukrainian official involved in discussions with the U.S. told BuzzFeed News recently, speaking on condition of anonymity. “They promised they would help our army, and then they stabbed us in the back,” he added, weeping slightly and tapping his fist on the table.

What does arrive — there is particular hope for Javelin anti-tank weapons — won’t be enough to turn the tide. The Ukrainian army is so ragtag and so incompetently run that providing it with sophisticated equipment requiring lengthy training would be useless. Nor has it exactly covered itself in glory in recent weeks, when troops have shot at foreign observers, probably shelled civilian areas, and deployed cluster munitions and incendiary bombs.

But supporters of a Senate bill aimed at arming Ukraine hope that American weapons could at least steam a potential advance.

Seven of the nine received medals (top three).

Богдан – І місце (58 кг)
Андрій – ІI місце (63 кг)

Серед дорослих:

Андрій – І місце (58 кг)
Мирослав – ІІІ місце (62 кг)
Олег – ІI місце (71 кг)
Олександр – I місце (71 кг)
Тарас – ІІІ місце (77 кг)
Ростислав – II місце (77кг)

Now that there are food riots, bank riots and reports of starvation in Donetsk, this lie, like so many others is now laid bare for all to see:

Sadly, he’s not the first Ukrainian criminal-politician to find refuge in Israel. Ex-prime-minister Yukhym Zvyahilsky is another. Former mayor of Odesa is yet another. Not good of Israel to allow this shit.

Yanukovych’s embezzler is now a citizen of Israel

Former energy minister Eduard Stavytskyi, considered one of the most corrupt officials in Yanukovych’s gang, has apparently escaped Ukrainian justice by becoming a citizen of Israel and changing his name to Rosenberg. Now with a new passport and identity he is free to travel the world and enjoy the wealth he looted from the people of Ukraine.


It’s only a first step. It adds “self defense” to existing reasons why someone can carry a gun. Most importantly, words do not mean much in Russia.

Auto translation:

Four new words in the law caused a flurry of messages on the legalization of carrying firearms and the use of it in self-defense.

Russia has adopted amendments to the Law “On the rules of turnover civilian and service weapons and ammunition in the territory of the Russian Federation.” According to the report, now a civilian weapon, including hunting, can be worn for self-defense.

The news caused a heated discussion and was seen as a first step towards legalizing civil “firearms”, but the Interior Ministry insists that the law is merely formalizes wearing traumatic pistols.

Prior to the amendment Act was: “Carrying weapons on the basis of issued internal affairs bodies of licenses or permits for the possession and carrying of specific types, types and models of weapons … the citizens of the Russian Federation – in hunting, sporting events, training and education firing. ”

That is until today the owners of licenses for weapons could use it exclusively in hunting or at the range. Today, however, it became known that in subparagraph “d” of the phrase “and in self-defense.” Added by the way, not immediately.
The amendments have been made ​​yet on November 8 but a postscript became known only after 10 days.

Four new words caused a flurry of messages on the legalization of carrying firearms and the use of it in self-defense.

Like, now everyone will receive the license is free to come with a gun on the streets of the city and its use in the case of threat to life.

The Interior Ministry, however, assured that the amendment was misunderstood, and it is not about guns, but only about a traumatic weapons, the use of which for the purpose of self-defense and so long permitted.

“The question in this paragraph is solely the decision of wearing a traumatic weapons, – explained in the police. – Previously, this right of the population in this law was not written. ”

According to the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, clarification was made in the “Rules” in order to avoid inconsistencies with other legislation.

Indeed, if we refer to paragraph 17 of the amendment, it becomes clear that the wording of paragraph 62 of the “Rules of turnover civilian and service weapons and ammunition in the territory of the Russian Federation” has changed. We are not talking about all kinds of firearms, but only of its “specific forms and types.”

However, words that permission to apply for self-defense concerns exclusively traumatic weapons, the amendment does not.

Moreover, the chairman of the NGO “gun rights” Maria Butin said that it is not just about “travmatiki.”

“According to my information, it is not just about” travmatiki “, but it is about guns – said Maria Butin.

– The only catch is that there is – it’s wearing. Here is the next problem. With the term “wearing” in general, there are very great difficulties. Therefore, probably under the “relation” in this case they mean wearing gun shrouded without cartridge in the chamber, as well as during transportation. But directly it is not specified anywhere. ”

Butin notes that, despite the ambiguity of the decision, it it still goes on all types of weapons.

“By itself, the document is illiterate. Nevertheless, we are talking about guns, it does not update on the “travmatiki” – sure Maria Butin.

In obscure amendment had to deal lawyers. Igor Trunov familiar with the scope of “weapon” legislation, said the amendment and does not change the status quo.

“All civil weapons, except hunting, is based on the goal of self-defense. These amendments do not change significantly – says Trounov. – Walk with a weapon, you can still only if you have the right to wear it while it still has to be specially equipped and hidden. The Criminal Code has not changed and remains the responsibility of higher than anywhere else in the world. Short arms to keep and bear no permit, no innovation in the protection of property, life and health also have occurred. Two of these key amendments do not address the issue.

Even if you have a hunting license, you can walk around with a gun only during the hunt, and in certain places with corresponding rigid constraints.

But in the case of self-defense at home, when suddenly the robbers broke in and were going to kill, we should then have to prove that it was self-defense and was not impermissibly measures. This is the imperfection of the criminal law and its amendments have not touched. ”

In general, experts and legislators (including those who are involved in “weapon” topics), found it difficult to explain what it is that changes in law enforcement, as amended.

So at this point it is not clear, whether the Russians wear hunting weapons for self-defense. However, given the abundance caused by resonance and interpretations in practice the new norm can turn numerous incidents with illegal possession of weapons.

Let’s remember that words do not mean much in Russia. They are silly sounds one makes to influence naive westerners. Let’s wait for actions before passing judgement.

If this is true, then wow. The beginning of the end of Russia’s culture of corruption.

I suspect Putin is desperate and lost in a tangle of conflicting ideas and vanity. I think he did this unknowingly — not aware of how it might utterly transform Russian culture.

One borders Russian Empire, the other borders American Empire.

Is Russia a part of the western tradition? I think their institutions are Mongolian. Moscow was created in the 13th century by as a vassal state of the Mongols. It was much later — in the 18th century, that Czar Peter I decided he preferred the history of Kiev-Rus to that of Muskovy. So he gave the name “Russian” to the Muskovites and to the many diverse populations they had subjugated.

The Russian ethos is to appear strong. By contrast:

The English way of seeing the world: What is the truth? (The Enlightenment happened in England. God bless them.)
The German way: Do your duty. (They didn’t have the luxury of being on an Island.)
The American way: Everybody is my customer. (Hence we’re always smiling.)
The Chinese way: Say what is appropriate. (Being part of the larger composition.)
The Jewish way: Say whatever you must. (Because they were outnumbered among strangers.)
The Russian way: Appear strong.

Maybe the Russian way comes from having such an enormous indefensible borders, wild Muslims to the south, Nomadic raiders to the east. I can understand them, but I can’t forgive them. For centuries, they’ve dragged surrounding civilizations into their morass of corruption and brutality. Their obsession with strength leads to low trust and high transaction costs.

The big difference between Ukraine and Canada is that one borders American Empire, the other borders Russian Empire.

What’s new? The Russians seem to be consolidating the leadership of their diverse mercenary units in the east. Some leaders, and some entire mercenary groups have vanished. Fighting continues. Ukrainians are hamstrung by not being allowed to shoot back. There are some reports of increasing Ukrainian-guerrilla activity. A lot of people are training in case this war gets bigger — finding instructors where ever they can. It’s significant that Ukraine has officially ended government functions in the occupied areas, including pension payments. As of yesterday, there were food riots.

Lastly, most Ukrainians are very proud right now, though poorer — since this time last year, Ukrainians have become about 50% poorer– the value of their currency dropping by half.

It would be completely ineffective in other parts of the world. Populations would be too impulsive or too indignant to tolerate the creeping tyranny and intimidation.

At the end of last week a few significant changes happened, which in one way or another could affect the balance of the confrontation:

1. According to the field reports, the Russian servicemen captured by Ukrainian security services (Evgeniy Tur and Alexander Bondaruk) provided the information about gradual reorganization within the militant groups, and about cleanup operations and “disappearances” of unwanted or uncontrollable individual militants or even their whole groups, conducted by the Russian armed forces, under the protection of the Russian special services. This “restructuring” has as its goal the creation of a unified army of Novorossiya, strictly controlled by the Russian security services. So far these activities have resulted in the worsening of the situation caused by periodic skirmishes among gangs, Cossack groups, DPR, and LPR groups. In such circumstances we foresee increased deployment of the regular Russian military, which will replace the poorly disciplined gangs in the Donbas.

2. Over the past week, the guerrilla movement in the Donbas has become more active. Previously, we saw isolated cases, but now you can see the tendency to centralize the control of the movement and, in some cases, even cooperation between the Ukrainian army and the guerrillas.

But the real surprise was the tone taken by Ms. Merkel in her speech after the summit meeting. In recent weeks, the chancellor has made it clear she sees that “Putin is testing us,” as she told parliamentary deputies. In a discussion at the university, she developed that thought further, asking whether Mr. Putin’s annexation of Crimea and military and political interference in eastern Ukraine meant a return to the times when Moscow decided the fate of its near neighbors.

Ms. Merkel seemed to acknowledge that the West should consider Russian sensitivities to Ukraine — with long, close ties to Russia — joining NATO. But she said that was not the case with Ukraine drawing closer to the European Union, which sparked the long-running unrest and conflict with Russia.
Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story
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In such a case, “it cannot be that you forbid a country to act, or that it cannot itself decide freely,” she said. “Otherwise, we have to say: ‘We’re so weak, pay attention, people, we can’t take any more members — we’ll just ask in Moscow whether it’s possible.’ That was how it was for 40 years, or longer, and I really was not wanting to go back there.”

“And it is not just a case of Ukraine,” Ms. Merkel continued. “It concerns Moldova, it concerns Georgia. If things go on like this, one can ask: Should we ask about Serbia? Should we ask about the western Balkans? That is certainly incompatible with our values.”

Food Riots in Occupied E. Ukraine

November 17th, 2014


#Russian Dream? Food riot in #Ukraine’s #Russia-occupied #Yenakiyeve. … Watching #Ukrainian TV makes #Strelkov feel he’s ‘doing everything wrong,’ question his convictions. #Ukraine #Russia … #Russian warlord #Strelkov: “‘#Ukraine is #Europe’ slogan is a priori against everything I believe in & fought for.” … #Russian warlord #Strelkov:Hum aid fr #Kyiv ‘reaches recipients,’ aid fr #Moscow ‘doesn’t make it.’ #Ukraine #Russia

“German economy minister rejects tougher sanctions on Russia”

people from crowd whistle and throw tomatoes to Czech President Zeman on 25th anniversary of anticommunist revolution in Prague

BJJ in Rivne

November 17th, 2014


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