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Searching for free market philosophies in Ukraine.

The “professional” Libertarian/Alt media has proved to be dishonest, manipulative, even compromised. I trust the feeds of personal friends.


The state of marriage in the US. All American men who want respect and responsibility for their own well being should move to Ukraine and start a business:

“The problem? This new phenomenon has changed the dance between men and women,” Venker wrote. With feminism pushing them out of their traditional role of breadwinner, protector and provider – and divorce laws increasingly creating a dangerously precarious financial prospect for the men cut loose from marriage – men are simply no longer finding any benefit in it.

As a writer and researcher into the trends of marriage and relationships, Venker said, she has “accidentally stumbled upon a subculture” of men who say “in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married.”

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.” Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

“Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.”

“Men are tired,” Venker wrote. “Tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Tired of being told that if women aren’t happy, it’s men’s fault.”

But in a poll published by the Institute for Independent Social and Economic Political Research (IISEPS) in December 2013, 36.4% of Belarusians were in favour of closer ties with Russia, against 44.6% in favour of the EU. In March, as the crisis in Ukraine escalated, that figure changed to 51.5% in favour of further integration with Russia, over 32.9% choosing integration with the EU.

With opinion divided in the way, it is perhaps unsurprising that Belarusian nationals have reportedly been appearing as volunteers on both sides of the conflict in Ukraine.

Churchmen were tortured and murdered the day after they were captured.

Four members of the Transfiguration Evangelical church murdered by pro-Russian terrorists for ‘sectarianism and treason’ against the Russian people were buried in Sloviansk.

Siberia wants Independence

July 28th, 2014

According to surveys conducted in Siberia, 25-30 percent of Siberians want immediate, complete separation from Russia and 60-70 percent want equal autonomy, while only 10 percent are satisfied with the current status of Siberia within the Russian Federation.

Worth listening to.
1) Moscow honing the DNR’s Message.
2) Strelov’s underlings think he’s insane and a terrorist.

Oleksii Chesnakov, is Deputy Secretary of the ruling political party United Russia General Council. This is further proof of high-level Russian control of the DNR.

26 KIA from mortar / artillery fire

From the account of friends, this was the most professional of the volunteer battalions.

Friend of a friend:



Also killed was Luhansk native Ivan Kulish. He was on Maidan. He’s the guy in the red helmet:


IvanKulish2 IvanKulish3



No idea what the whole story is, or many casualties were suffered.

Strelkov Threatens Putin

July 27th, 2014

I hope the disarray portrayed in this article is accurate:

MT @GeoffPyatt posts satellite images of Russia firing on Ukraine across border & separatists using Russian artillery

1918 Map of Ukraine

July 27th, 2014


Apparently, there were nine simultaneous bomb scares in Lviv yesterday. Nothing was found. The calls came from Eastern Ukraine.

The mayor’s residence was shot at while no one was home. It may have been either a threat or the work of the mayor’s own forces to boost his image.

Vladimir Putin’s daughter flees £2million Dutch penthouse flat as fury grows over jet tragedy

Here is another video, filmed by Ukrainian border guards. Massive “show of force”, acc. to Ukr. guards.

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