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Ukrainian Soldiers Killed 50 Terrorists, Destroyed Three Tanks, Two SP Guns and Mortar Detachment

Russian and Terrorists Fire from Residential Areas during Ceasefire. VIDEO Source:

Russians are increasingly a liability.

Moscow appeared as a princedom in 1277 at the decree of the Tatar-Mongol Khan Mengu-Timur and it was an ordinary ‘ulus’ (subdivision) of the Golden Horde. The first Moscow prince was Daniel (1277-1303), younger son of Alexander, so-called ‘Nevsky’. The Riurykovich dynasty of Moscow princes starts from him. In 1319 Khan Uzbek (as stated in the afore-mentioned work by Bilinsky) named his brother Kulkhan the virtual Prince of Moscow, and in 1328 the Great Prince of Moscow. Khan Uzbek (named in Russian history as Kalita), after he converted to Islam, destroyed almost all the Riurykovich princes. In 1319-1328 the Riurykovich dynasty was replaced by the Genghis dynasty in the Moscow ‘ulus’ of the Golden Horde. In 1598 this Genghis dynasty in Moscow which began with Prince Ivan Kalita (Kulkhan) was finally broken. Thus for over 270 years, Moscow was ruled solely by the Khans of Genghis.

Still, the new dynasty of the Romanovs (Kobyla) promised to follow former traditions and solemnly swore allegiance to the age-old dynasty of Genghis.

In 1613 the Moscow Orthodox Church became the stabilizing force to safeguard the sustainment of Tatar-Mongol government in Moscow, offering Masses for the Khan, and issuing anathemas on anyone who opposed this servitude.

Based on these facts, it becomes clear that Moscow is the direct inheritor of the Golden Horde Empire of Genghis and that actually the Tatar-Mongols were the ‘godfathers’ of Moscow statehood. The Moscow princedom (and tsardom from 1547) up until the XVI century had no ties or relationships with the princedoms of the lands of Kyivan Rus.

Kyiv Bitcoin Conference

September 26th, 2014

I just returned from Ukraine’s first Bitcoin conference, and I’m still buzzing with a sense of endless possibility and a better future. It’s always very inspiring to meet so many people with big ideas.

The general speeches about Bitcoin — how it works, what it means, weren’t as brilliant as what you may get in the US. The thing that impressed me most was the individual talent in the room. I had great discussion about virtual property, mining, and decentralized exchanges. Someone told me the guys behind the famous mega-miner GHash.IO were there, but I didn’t meet them.

I met a very gentlemanly life-long entrepreneur-turned-VC who returned from New York City to his native Ukraine in the 1990s. He told me that OkCupid and WhatsApp are among the IT giants created by Ukrainians. I hadn’t known that.

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Who will mine the next block???? Place your bets at!

Lviv’s Coffee Festival

September 26th, 2014

While Germany has repented and faced the harsh reality of Nazisim, Russians remain unwilling or unable to face their past. Stalin is elevated to sainthood among the psychopaths of Russia.

True story of Ukraine’s sacrifices in WWII and continued valiant struggle for freedom, in spite of both Hitler and Stalin:

Ukraine suffered the greatest losses of any European country. During the six years of war, Ukraine lost more people than the total military losses of the United States, Canada, the British Commonwealth, France, Germany Japan and Italy all put together. Eight million inhabitants of Ukraine were killed, over half in combat. Millions more were lost through deportation, exile and displacement. Thus, as a result of World War II, Ukraine’s population decreased by more than 10 million, a full quarter of its people lost.

Although the armed struggle ended in the 1950’s and renewed Soviet oppression was to last another forty years, the desire for freedom was not lost. In the 1960’s and 70’s dissidents openly defied the oppressive regime. During the 1980’s they took up the struggle for human rights appealed for democratic freedoms and called for independence.

On August 24, 1991, Ukraine declared its independence.

“Ukraine’s independence is a very important geopolitical fact of life. It means that Russia can no longer be an imperial state. That transforms the nature of international politics in Europe, and even in Eurasia… So the blood was not shed in vain. Beyond that, the life of a nation and its commitment to freedom is nurtured by the concept of sacrifice. And that becomes if you will, a mythology that sustains life.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski)

Such is the untold story of Ukrainians in World War II who persevered, fought for freedom and, in spite of Hitler and Stalin, laid the foundation for independent Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday ordered a temporary closure of Ukraine’s porous border with Russia and voiced plans to apply for EU membership in 2020 as part of his ex-Soviet country’s Westward shift.
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A senior Ukrainian security source told AFP that the border security measures was designed to halt the alleged smuggling of weapons into the separatist east and would enter into force “soon”.

The two steps underscore the extent of Kiev’s alienation from its historic master and deal a further blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dream of folding Ukraine into a Kremlin-led alliance that could rival NATO and the European Union.

Separating from Russian and arming against further Russian aggression is by far the more important of these two.

Russians, who have the conspiratorial mentality of supermarket tabloids, think everybody is trying to invade them. Nobody is trying to invade. People from Georgia to Moldova to Ukraine to Estonia just want to put up a gigantic wall and separate themselves so they can have some sort of civilization without Russian brutality and corruption.

No Dollars Available in Lviv

September 25th, 2014

The official exchange rates posted by banks remain around 13 uah / 1 dollar, but no one has any. You cannot get dollars in Lviv.

@StateOfUkraine · Sep 14

The executive producer of @tvrain #Russia’s last surviving independent TV channel, has been brutally beaten in Moscow

@CrimeaEU · Sep 17

Tatar Mejlis attacked by FSB. Russian occupation regime resorts to open repression #RussiaInvadedUkraine

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Roman Skaskiw retweeted
EU Crimean Tatar @CrimeaEU · Sep 17

Russian FSB brought the iron safe of Cemilev and took personal belongings, all the money of #Crimean Tatar leader in #Simferepol

@randomdijit · 18h

Moscow’s clever fix for Abhkhazia’s demographic collapse: lure foreign migrants, don’t let them leave. @eurasianet

When Rasulov Bakhtier arrived in Abkhazia in 2012 as a migrant laborer, he had no idea he would be prohibited from returning to his native Uzbekistan via Russia. As a result, Bakhtier, a construction worker and father of two, now finds himself among hundreds of “guest captives” in the separatist enclave.

Russia’s Federal Migration Service allegedly has blacklisted thousands of foreigners, mostly from Central Asia and Moldova for violating Russian migration laws, Moscow-based reported in April. Many are casual labor migrants who supposedly committed multiple misdemeanors, or overstayed their “authorized period of stay” in Russia, which, as the largest economy in Eurasia, attracts millions of economic migrants from other formerly Soviet states.

@Conflict_Report · 6h

#BreakingNews Russian propaganda: “As we withdrew our tanks, Ukr. army attacks itself at #Donetsk #airport.”

@IvanIhorovych · 5h

SHOCKING: Russian fighters in Ukraine boast of things and clothes from #MH17 … #BREAKING #news

On the morning of September 17, near Debaltsevo, a group of the 21st individual motorized shooting brigade from unit 12128 (village of Totskoye 4, Orenburg oblast), ended up under artillery fire.

As the Russian themselves soldiers write, which are not where they really are, early in the morning a column with ammunition (the 4th motorized shooting regiment and the second troop of the martial provisions regiment plus an escort regiment), headed towards their given target. They were suddenly attacked with missiles. The entire column was defeated, including 4 Ural vehicles. Over 20 people were ripped to pieces, and there are more than 40 wounded, with various degrees of injury.

Several days earlier a 7-unit tank group ended up under the same kind of attack. All the tanks were destroyed, together with their crews.

The Russian command naturally tried to hide the fact that their servicemen died, as well as the fact that the Russians are being mass-murdered by ‘brave Novorossiya soldiers.’

Meanwhile, however, it looks like such things cannot be hidden. This is what the soldiers are writing to their families, who already know for sure where their husbands and sons are and what the hell they are doing there:

“In Debaltsevo, this is not the first time Novorossiya mercenaries have been attack us with artillery fire. Of course, they can sign off the losses as a miscalculation, but we were surrounded by a steppe. Within the past few days the mercenaries, the terrorists, violated the ceasefire over 40 times. They are shooting directly at our Russian (!) columns, and demanding help from the Russian government in determining the status of their bandit republic.”


Impact on the economy is showing. Open defiance of Putin emerging. Open refutation of Russians as non-european, even if they are less advanced culturally (low trust).

Honestly I didn’t expect this so soon. I would have used much more aggressive tactics against the Russians, but the general strategy in the west was to destroy the political class without harming individual russian citizens.


Also, I’ll re-post this from earlier because it’s important:

The single argument that Russia has going for it is western suicidal stance on immigration. Russia promotes nationalism, as should the european countries. If not for this one problem in the west, Russia would have no argument to make. But as long as the west proceeds with its suicide through multiculturalism, equality and massive immigration, Russia will have a legitimate argument with which to separate Russian peoples from european peoples.

The means by which we unite all circumpolar people is to re-nationalize liberalism and end the divide between west and eastern Europe.

You might not like it but that’s just how it is.


Apparently the delay is in getting and issuing biometric passports, because the EU will not tolerate people from the east, with Russian sympathies, to enter the EU, so Ukraine must guarantee that they have processes and procedures for issuing biometric passports to only Ukrainians.

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