Roman in Ukraine

«Даешь Польшу и Финляндию!»: как отметили годовщину присоединения Крыма

This video is theirs. They discuss the partisan attempt at a military leader, Alexei Mozgovoi.

Hate and fear — the building blocks of Russian civilization.

Have you seen this one? Russian propagandists find a girl’s letter to Ukrainian soldiers. They make of video for her telling her how they buried the bodies of the soldiers she wrote to.

“The West has a duty to stand up for human rights in Russia”

Mannfred Nyttingnes @MannfredNikolai · Mar 7

Six months ago, #Russia seized an #Estonian policeman on Estonian soil. Now they’ve extended his detention


Food 80%, Finances 60%, Water 80%, Electricity 85%, Gas 34%, Telecommunications 100%


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2015 Roman in Ukraine.