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Bereza says he thought about shooting Gen. Petro Lytvyn, the Ukrainian army officer commanding on the ground during the battle for Ilovaisk, an engagement that left at least a hundred Ukrainian militiamen and soldiers dead and possibly as many as 500 taken prisoner.

Bereza accuses Lytvyn of abandoning his post along with many of his men as Russian reinforcements poured across the border at Amvrosiivka and made for Ilovaisk, a rail hub that Ukrainian forces were attempting to wrest from the separatists. The covert invasion by thousands of Russian troops backed by tanks hardly was registered by an international media focused on the sweeping offensive of jihadist forces in Iraq and Syria. And Western capitals sought to play down the Russian invasion.

According to Bereza and other militia commanders, Lytvyn’s flight left militiamen encircled. In the end he told the general he should shoot himself for his cowardice. Bereza suffered a concussion in the subsequent fighting, the commander of the Donbass battalion was wounded and his counterpart in the Kharkiv militia was killed. A withdrawal agreement for the encircled Ukrainians, made with the Russians and separatists, was not honored and a column of retreating Ukrainians was wiped out as it came under mortar and heavy machine-gun fire.

Luhansk “protest”

November 28th, 2014

You can see how the Kremlin is framing Ukraine’s rebellion against Russian Kleptocracy.

A friend’s facebook post:

There’s a conspiracy going on in this world, and it is secretly plotting to take over the world. Like any good conspiracy it abides by a ridiculously positive name, which may confuse the reader into thinking they’re doing good:

The High Trust Society.

As I was able to have a closer look into the conspiracy (through means of subversion, lying, deluding and others long-learned traditions and knowledge of left revolutionaries), it seems that the core members all follow the same code, which includes certain features I would like to shed lights on.

Members are expected to be honest with each other at all times. It seems that honesty here acts not only as social lubricant, but also as aligner of incentives, and reducer of transaction costs.
Along with this comes the seeming necessity to speak truthfully with one another, however costly that may be. Liars (like yours truly, as it were) are expected to be discovered, ostracized and shoo’ed off the Land.
On the note of costliness, members are expected to keep their word at all times. I’m not quite sure how this came into being, given Machiavelli’s writings about how one should only keep it when it’s to your own advantage, but for whatever reason it seems to work for them, which makes them all the more dangerous.

Members seem to be highly trusting of one another (due to above shared values), and will not hesitate to certify their member’s high social capital.

Your diligent reporter has learned a few secrets in due time, and deems this a bright moment to rat out on core members of the conspiracy.

Roman Skaskiw, Curt Doolittle, Andriy Drozda and others try to get away with all of this mumbo-jumbo in Ukraine.

Don _, Johannes _, Ben _, Osku _, Jonathan _, Paul _, Haver _, Erik _ form the Estonian arm.

James _ promotes all of the above in Japan. I’m not sure why he does that, the Japanese seem to be deluded into thinking this is how the world should be run in the first place.

The same can be said for Marco _ — Finnish people seem equally deluded into trusting one another!!

A few stray people reside in Middle Europe, where Germany stands out with Sandro _ and Christoph _.

Another cluster appears all over the Commonwealth, around Andy _, Robyn _, Eli _, Sean _, Michael _, Michael _.



Retweeted Conflict Reporter (@Conflict_Report):

‪#‎STATEMENT‬ Cossack warlord to local hungry Ukrainians:

“As long as the dogs are running around in the village – you are not starving!”

#Ukraine – the only poor, honest, white people.


Мій варіант Української Арифметики:

Україна + Донбас = Донбас
Україна + Галичина = Європа
Галичина + Донбас = війна
Україна – Галичина = Донбас
Україна – Донбас = Україна
Україна в квадраті = самообман
Україна + 1 = Росія
Україна +2 = позаблоковий статус
Україна + Росія = Росія
Україна + Європа = Європа
Україна + Росія + Європа = Донбас
Україна – Росія = Європа
Україна – Європа = Донбас

My version Of Arithmetic:
Ukraine + Donbass = Donbass
Ukraine + Galicia = Europe
Galicia + Donbass = war
Ukraine – Galicia = Donbass
Ukraine – Donbass = Ukraine
Ukraine squared(?) = Lying to itself
Ukraine + 1 = Russia
Ukraine + 2 = neutral status
Ukraine + Russia = Russia
Ukraine + Europe = Europe
Ukraine + Russia + Europe = Donbass
Ukraine – Russia = Europe
Ukraine – Europe = Donbass

For #Ukraine to be defended, Ukrainian men need to feel ownership of the country’s future –> gun ownership, a militia.

The government will not save you.

#Ukraine, forget about ending gov’t corruption. Gov’t is always corrupt. Instead, provide honest courts & property rights to private sector.

In #Russia, there is no shame in lying. Words are just sounds to influence weak, naive people. #Ukraine is now the frontier of western civ.

(from August)

Remembering Holodomor

November 22nd, 2014


Goodbye, Russia!

November 21st, 2014

Goodbye NKVD/KGB/FSB. Goodbye propaganda. Goodbye fake “brothers” we never really had & sure as hell didn’t want. Goodbye fake history. Goodbye autocracy. Goodbye lies. Goodbye hammer and sickle. Goodbye Lenin-Stalin worship. Goodbye intimidation, brutality, savagery, poverty. We won’t miss you. No, we don’t want to invade you, we just want to put up a wall and stake out the frontier of *****WESTERN***** civilization. Goodbye!


Give Poland nukes! Having experienced it so painfully, Poland understands the Russian mentality better than any other EU country. They only need a few. Russia is a one-city country. If you have the capability to nuke Moscow, you have mutually assured destruction.


Mikhail Leontiev, vice-president of Rosneft, proposes to intimidate Western countries with nuclear weapons into lifting sanctions:

He made the claim in an interview published on Thursday in the Russian right-wing newspaper Zavtra.

“I was me who pulled the trigger of war,” Girkin said.

“If our squad had not crossed the border, everything would have come to an end, like in Kharkiv, like in Odesa,” Girkin said, referring to failed attempts earlier in the year to overthrow the local authorities in these cities.

“There would have been a few dozen killed, burnt, arrested – and that would have been it. But this flywheel war, which is still going on, was started by our group,” he said.

He also said that he was not from the military, but from the “secret services,” and confirmed that Russian regular army units are involved in the war.

Earlier Girkin said that in the beginning of April, he had crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border with a group of 52 people. The seizure of Ukrainian local government buildings, police stations and security service offices by “separatists” in eastern Ukraine started in mid April this year.

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