3 thoughts on “Гомін, гомін, гомін по діброві – cossack song

  1. Roman Korol

    Some of the background detail in the paintings is unfathomable. At some point, we see on the right hand side a human figure suspended from a tree branch high up in the air. The bandurist/lute player pays it no heed. WTF? Beautiful tenor voice and very complex melody artfully done, though.

  2. Roman


    —It’s a Tartar. Some old paintings of сossaсk Mamay show him after the battle. So, it’s defeated enemy hanging down the trees. The text of thas song is also interesting – kozak’s mother throw’s him out of home with damnations. She says: “Orda (Horde) should take (capture) you… Turks should capture you… Lyakhy (Poles) should capture… Moskals should…” etc And he answers each time: “They know me well and they are good fellows of mine”—


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