2 thoughts on ““Студія Захід” Роман Скасків – Ukraine, Iraq, Bureaucracy and Guns

  1. elmer

    Ukrainians know how to play chess – but they don’t know how to think

    1) your TV host is obviously highly intelligent and very capable – he did an excellent job on your interview

    2) I keep thinking of Holodomor – the first thing the goddamn commies did is to de-weaponize the population via repeated – repeated – repeated searches, and they confiscated anything that could possibly used for self-defense against commie thugs – and they were thugs

    3) at the very end of the clip there are assorted views of different people about weapons

    some, incredibly, assume that it is armed people who are automatically thugs, rather than people like Putler and Yanusvoloch who are thugs

    they also fail to realize that gun safety training and handling are the ways to address the problems with the “thug out of control population” that they automatically assume will result from arming the population

    some of the people just don’t want to be bothered with anything – not with problem solving, not with anything

    hence, Putler sends his little green men to Crimea, which is taken with only a few shots fired, and then on to eastern Ukraine, where we see the results of a police, militia and a military which has been gutted for 20 years by Donbas oligarchs

    is there something in the water that causes Ukrainians to lose their ability to think?

    or maybe they think that if they just play chess, everything will be OK?

    have they not learned anything from EuroMaidan?

    or is the idea that thugs like Kolomoisky and Akhmetov and Dobkin and Kernes and Pinchuk and Taruta and Yanusvoloch will now “save Ukraine” by turning into “good thugs”?

    хольера ясна


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