1. Ed K


    You may recall that Roman visited his mother and sister over Christman. Roman’s mother lives near Galax, Virginia. Galax is home to a special American music called Bluegrass music:


    About Galax, Virginia:


    Gee, do you think Roman might visit his mother during Blue Grass Music times?


    Acknowledging that wealth is created (instead of arguing over
    its distribution) would devastate intellectuals’ world view.” by Thomas Sowell

  2. Ed K


    Recently I pointed out that Roman was in U. S. Army.
    Look at his posting on that subject of just a few
    weeks ago.


    And read the motto on patch:

    ‘lead the way!’

    As I said some are called… to be black sheep.

    In Korean the word is Honcho.

    In Hawian the word is Kahuna.

    It is your task to remind Roman of his deepest quest.

    Remind him while he is well educated, his persona is
    leadership and not arguements that do not result in
    attaining position of leadership.

    That is Roman’s burden. The need for results. The
    quest for high achievement.

    However it would help if you found an audacious woman
    to pinch his ass once in a while to remind him…

  3. Ed K


    I have just read what Roman might adopt
    as his program of work in Ukraine.

    Roman knows the American economist,
    Patrick Barron.

    Patrick writes a weekly Blog of his
    economic comments.

    On Wednesday, Patrick wrote a way for
    conditions to improve in Ukraine consistent
    with Roman’s articulation the Austrian
    economic concepts:


    Patrick’s last paragraph holds a concept
    that for the last eight or nine years I have
    suggested to my ‘would be oligarch’s’ and
    other friends in Ukraine.

    I have told my friends that Ukraine should
    not seek to join EU for many reason. My
    comments have been dismissed.

    The comment made by Patrick that Roman
    might expound in Ukrainian is:

    “Here’s the bottom line: there is no benefit
    that a country can derive from EU membership
    that it cannot derive more cheaply and with
    no loss of sovereignty by simply adopting
    unilateral free trade.”

    Of course, you might pick up the concept and lead
    Ukraine to a better economic environment?

    Ukraine cries for good leaders, where are the black sheep?

    —————- // ————————-

    “Free-trade” in action: goods and services — including
    investment cash and factories — freely flow between
    nations, unobstructed by government interference.
    by Shamus Cooke


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