‏New Paper on Russian Military Thinking

@edwardlucas — from a new paper


1 non-military asymmetric warfare (info, psycho, ideological, diplo, economic)

2 special operations to mislead pol & mil leadership via diplomatic, media, channels, leaks, false data & orders

3 intimidation, deceiving, and bribing govt and military officers, to make them abandon duties etc

4 destabilizing propaganda to increase public discontent, boosted by the arrival of Russian bands of militants, escalating subversion.

5 establishment of no-fly zones & blockades, extensive use of private military in close cooperation with armed opposition units.

6 military action, preceded by special ops, cyber, sabotage, espionage, subversion

7 info ops, electronic warfare, air harrassment, high precision weapons, EMP,

8 mopping up, with artillery, airdrops etc


1 direct influence matters more than direct destruction

2 instead of direct annihilation of opponent, promote his inner decay

3 war using culture matters more than weapons & technology

4 special forces & commercial irregular forces instead of conventional military

5 from the traditional (3D) battleground to information/psychological warfare and war of perceptions;

6 from direct clash to contactless war;

7 from a superficial and compartmentalised war to a total war, including the enemy’s internal side and base;

8 from war in the physical environment to war in human consciousness and cyberspace

9 from symmetric to assymetric warfare, combining political, economic, info, techno & ecological campaigns

10 From war in a defined period of time to a state of permanent war as the natural condition in national life.


I don’t see how they could possibly win. Culture is on the side of Ukraine.

One thought on “‏New Paper on Russian Military Thinking

  1. Ed K

    I disagree. I suspect that Yanukovich as Putin’s surrogate has the
    stolen money and has demonstrated he will kill innocent protestors.
    I do not think that most Ukrainians are willing to die for freedom.

    Understand that Kiev has been corrupt since independence. That is
    all that they have seen of Ukrainian government, corruption.

    Only a handful has seen the light and understands what can be.

    You forget that you are a minority.

    People who think are minority.

    People with courage are a minority.


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