2 thoughts on “‪#‎Ilovaisk‬ massacre Rus open humanitarian corridor Rus shoot Hundreds upon hundreds

  1. walt

    Today you blogged about armed civilians, and wasted wars in middle east and this curent blog
    Does the world care? Are armed ciivilians alone going to stop putin? You need NATO too and yet you have in your libertarian talks bad mouthed NATO in the past and now you complain that no one cares. They did care before, but libertarians and leftists and the democratic party completely LACK CREDIBILITY. The west has a history of not being credible but it is more so under democratic party administrations.

    FDR recognised the Soviet Union in the middle to the Holdomr. FDR like many many democrats and libertariians were and are under the inlfluence of russian operatives.

    1. Roman

      I think I criticized US imperialism, and our wars in the Middle East. I’m not sure I ever criticized NATO.

      I made the case that Ukraine’s best chances are being an armed, neutral country, and I stand by that, though the moment may have passed. Many people insist on keeping the population helpless. Given that stupid, self-destructive reality, NATO may be the best remaining option.

      And yes, armed civilians could have prevented the escalation which led to the invasion. Russia relies on intimidation and fear. They always have.


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