16 #Ukrainians killed, 32 wounded in #Russian attack (update)

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The soldiers were mostly from Volyn Oblast.


Here are they alive, yesterday. Notice: No security. No discipline. No tactical positioning of vehicles. Learning is painful. Ugh. Such a waste. So depressing.


These young men are dead because they and/or their leaders were lazy, undisciplined, and/or poorly trained.


Commentary from 1+1 channel reporter: “It is 100 km from Slovyansk ao noone expected night attack.”


One thought on “16 #Ukrainians killed, 32 wounded in #Russian attack (update)

  1. Ed K

    It is easy for trained observer to comment, but has trained observer
    communicated to insiders? Years ago I gave you some names of
    Ukrainian insiders who know who to communicate to.

    Obligations, obligation always obligations.


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