13 thoughts on “20 Wild Photos Of the Protester vs. Police Battle That Happened In Ukraine Yesterday

  1. Ed K


    We are in great appreciation for your Url’s.

    Here is question from this side of pond:

    You do realize that exposing the illegal things your
    government has been doing is illegal?

    1. elmer

      The so-called “government” in Zookraine is not a legitimate government, and has not been a legitimate government for quite a long time.

      Rather, there are a bunch of sovok mafia thugs, starting with Yanuchesku, who stive only for their own comfort, wealth and power.

      Serhiy (Serge) Leshchenko has already written an article about Yanukovych’s path to Yanuchesku:


      The name is a reference to the brutal Romanian dictator, Ceacescu, who was unceremoniously deposed by the people.

      Yanusvoloch and zAraza and the entire “government” of Ukraine need to resign, or drop dead, or choke on their “yolka.”

      That would be a great Christmas present.

  2. Ed K

    Elmer and Andriy

    Are you noticing that Roman went to London instead of Kyiv?

    Is Reykjavik next?


  3. Ed K


    Roman’s mother lives in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Ask
    Roman to get his mother to send him some good wool
    socks. There is quality sock manufacturer located in
    that town:


    They make very good socks. Wool acrylic blend that are
    warm and durable.

    They also make ski socks in case he plans to go to high
    dollar ski resorts in Carpathians again this year.

    Make sure his mother includes some socks for you…

    Good stuff!

    We see that he travels all over except to eastern Ukraine.
    That is great pity.

    Maybe his next trip will be Moscow?

  4. Andrii

    Ok, Ed. Thank you for information. First of all I’d ask Roman to get some some wool socks for me.
    But I would never visit Moscow. I believe this city is black hole of the world. Good people simply disappeare there without any chances to be found.


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