4mm Flaubert

Here’s what I learned today: Occasionally exceptions are made, but for most foreigners, the only non rubber bullet gun you can buy in Ukraine is one what shoots 4mm Flaubert cartridges. Yulia, on the other hand, can buy anything, though she need to do some paperwork first. :-D


17-Caliber Cartridge Origins

The idea of a subcaliber actually began during the first half of the 19th century. A Swiss gunsmith by the name of Flobert, who was living in France at the time, designed a small rimfire cartridge using only the priming compound as the propellant. Originally in 6mm caliber, the little case was “wildcatted” to 4mm. A .172 caliber projectile is 4.32 millimeters. These sometimes elegant little rifles made up for the 4mm rimfire cartridge were known as Schutzens and used primarily for indoor parlor entertainment at ranges up to 10 meters. They also were known to be very accurate for the period.