A leaked archive of almost 2GB’s of Russian Interior Ministry (MVD) documents has been released

BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING 1.7GB of data from Russia Interior Ministry hacked and fully available here:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxsQ108is142Q1dMcVNUc3J2U28

Documents include solid PROOF that Russian forces are operating in Ukraine.


10 thoughts on “A leaked archive of almost 2GB’s of Russian Interior Ministry (MVD) documents has been released

  1. Beauregard

    I recall a photo of some guy with Ron Paul…

    I believe his name was Roman?

    At that time I told about desire to be writer?

    Still waiting on scribings…

    ——————— // ——————–

    No wife, no crumb snatchers, no scribiings, no nothing…

    Is Elmer still extant?

    We could use poem entitled nothing…

    1. walt

      No wife I don’t know, no scriblings, well there is a war going on and things happen and things change. This does not sound like motivating someone, this sounds like pulling the rug…

      1. Beauregard

        Walt you are interloping on the guy from New York City.
        So it is up to light a fire under …

        Consider other comments from Russia:

        Putin delivers keynote speech on economy, Ukraine

        Excerpts of Putin’s Speech:

        “We will never pursue the path of self-isolation, xenophobia,
        suspicion and search of enemies. All this is manifestation of
        weakness, while we are strong and self-confident.”

        “Our goal is to have as many equal partners in the West and
        in the East … Under no circumstances are we going to wind
        down our ties with Europe.”

        “The so-called sanctions and external limitations are a stimulus
        toward a more effective, accelerated achievement of our goals.”


        “Finally, there was a historic reunification of Crimea and
        Sevastopol with Russia.”

        “For Russia, Crimea … has a great civilizational and
        sacred meaning.”

        “And this is exactly how we are going to treat this from
        now on and forever.”


        “Every nation has an inalienable, sovereign right to its
        own path of development … Russia always has and always
        will respect that. This applies fully to Ukraine, the
        brotherly Ukrainian nation.”

        “We have condemned the coup, the forcible seizure of
        power in Kiev in February. What we are seeing now in
        Ukraine, the tragedy in the southeast, fully confirms that
        our position is right.”

        “How can one support an armed seizure of power,
        violence, murder? … How can one support the attempts
        that followed to suppress with the help of armed forces
        the people in the southeast who did not agree with this
        lawlessness? … This is pure cynicism. I am sure that the
        Ukrainian nation itself will judge these events in a just

        —————— // ——————-

        “We do not intend to get involved in a long-term arms
        race but we will securely and in a guaranteed way
        safeguard the defensive capabilities of our country in
        new conditions.”

        “There is no doubt about it – this will be done. Russia
        has the capabilities and non-standard solutions. No one
        will manage to gain military superiority over Russia.”

        “Our army is modern, combat-ready. As they say now,
        it is ‘polite’ but formidable. We will have enough strength,
        will and courage to protect our freedom.”

        “Persistent work to develop the U.S. anti-missile shield
        system, including in Europe, continues. This poses a
        threat not only to Russian security but to the whole
        world … in terms of a possible violation of the strategic
        balance of forces.”

        “I think this is also bad for the United States itself since
        it creates a dangerous illusion of invulnerability, strengthens t
        he drive to unilateral decisions that are often, as we see,
        not thought-through.”

        ————————- // ——————

        “If for a number of European countries national pride
        is a long-forgotten term and sovereignty is too much of
        a luxury, for Russia real state sovereignty is an absolutely
        indispensable condition of its existence.”

        “We will be sovereign or be dissolved, lost in the world.”
        “Hitler also failed when, with his hateful ideas, he was
        going to destroy Russia, throw us back behind the Urals.

        Everyone should remember how it ended.”
        “We will stand up for the diversity of the world. We will
        deliver truth to people abroad… And we will do this even
        in those cases when governments of some countries are
        trying to build around Russia something next to a new
        Iron Curtain.”

        “As of Jan.1, 2014, Russian population stood at 144
        million people, 8 million more than forecast by the
        United Nations … It is expected that at the end of 2014,
        taking into account Crimea and Sevastopol, Russia’s
        population will exceed 146 million people.”

        ———————– // —————

        End of excerpts

        Now for analysis and detailed reply?

        Bye the way where is electricity to come from when no
        gas, oil, or coal is to be had? What is plan?

        1. walt

          put in said this, ” This is pure cynicism”, ruSSia projects, what it says about someone else, it says about itself, and I would second Elmers statement and streewise professsor links.

          What is the plan is a good question, they are turning of the electricity at least once a day and I think turning off electricity should of been done sooner to send a signal to people to make a plan.

          candles, solar lights when it sunny, wood rocket stove and plenty of canned food, (most canning done at end of summer, too late now), plenty of dry food. And above all live in the country side where a well supplies water and a outhouse supplies sanitation needs. People got too use to nice living and that especially includes people in NY.

  2. elmer

    I did not watch all of Bloodimir Ratface Vladolf Putler Khuylo’s “speech.”

    But all I could think of was – hey, Vladolf, do you want some cheese with that whine?

    Poor, poor Kremlinoid Rasha, surrounded by AmeriNazis and juntas hell-bent on depriving Ratface Putler Khuylo of his mansions and all the money he has stolen in Rasha.

    Poor, poor Rasha, noone understands and agrees with the “urban renewal” that his “non-soldiers from Rasha” are trying to accomplish in Ukraine with his “non-war” via artillery and bombing during a cease fire.

    If you want an excellent analysis of Putler’s smoke-blowing and empty air, here it is:




    Putler’s Kremlinoid “economy” is going to hell in a handbasket – and Putler is happily whistling to himself and his gang of thieves that there is “no problem” except for AmeriNazis and juntas in Ukraine.

    1. Beauregard

      Elmer, thank you for speaking up. The world needs your
      contribution to finding and understanding the truth.

      As long as it safe to do, keep it up.

      I keep getting asked why I am interested in Ukraine.
      And I think of my cousins reply as to where our mutual
      ancestor came from. He gave me a village name. That
      village is on the east side of Dnepr River. I can find
      that village on maps of around 1900. There is nothing
      there today. Just a country crossroad.

      Need more be said what happened to my other relatives
      under the Soviets?

      Putin lies. Obama lies. But I have good fortune to know
      several who served in high political office. Rather they
      take umbrage with the liars.

      Elmer, keep up the good works.

      —————- // ————-

      Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by
      the individual who can labor in freedom. Albert Einstein

  3. elmer

    Beau, there were many, many towns and villages in Ukraine that simply disappeared after stalin and Lazar Kaganovich and the “glorious” Kremlinoids engaged yet again in their version of “urban renewal” or “countryside renewal” or “agricultural renewal.”

    You should read “Bloodlands” by Prof Timothy Snyder. The nazis and the stalinists were simply killing entities.

    They didn’t care – they killed massively. Stalin and his henchmen gathered up Polish prisoners and simply shot them – 2 thugs held the man, and a third shot him in the back of the head.

    This is the “glory of stalin,” and the “glory of the sovok union” that Ratface Putler Khuylo and his gang of thugs is trying to preserve and resurrect today.

    A bastard thug named Vasily Blokhin shot at least 250 men per day. That’s just one example.

    Then they got their families and deported them – to the gulag in Siberia, or to Kazakhstan.

    They also killed Ukrainians and Jews, and others, on a massive scale.

    This is the “glory of the sovok union.”

    Many died in the cattle cars on the way, old people, children, babies, it didn’t matter.

    Read the book.

    Putler Khuylo devised rhetoric today about AmeriNazis hiding under his bed.

    But he is simply a criminal, together with his gang of Kremlinoid thugs, and he is once again trying to turn Ukraine into a Bloodland.

    His version of “urban renewal” – massive destruction with “non-artillery” fired by “non-soldiers” from the Rasha in a “non-war.”

  4. Beauregard


    I have read the books you speak of.

    I have read others about the Holocaust, Russia, Holodomor,
    and many articles…

    I had a cousin who was in that Ukrainian brigade that fought
    the Soviets with the Nazi’s that Putin speaks of. He was wounded
    and sent by Germans to hospital inside Germany. He was in hospital
    when British seized it and was sent to England where my grandfather
    and his brother had him sent to them n New Jersey.

    I heard the stories from the guy who was there.

    Yet I still have known relatives in Ukraine.

    Yes I can recognize thuggery and get chastised for calling
    them what they are.

    Thank you for your commenting. Standing up telling truth is important.

  5. elmer

    “Yes I can recognize thuggery..””

    But you will not and should not get chastized.

    That was under the sovok system and also currently under Putlerism.

    Today in Ukraine you will hear people, over and over, say – “let’s call things as they are, let’s call things by their true name.”

    They are fed up with the sovok system, in which everyone was supposed to accept sovok propaganda as reality.

    In the Rasha, they still have to accept Putler’s propaganda and lies, the Kremlinoids’ propaganda and lies, as reality.

    You saw Putler’s speech, in which the audience were clapping like trained seals – sovok style.

    The Rasha is a mudhole, a madhouse, an insane asylum with a little pimp macho dupe ratface psychotic inmate running the asylum, and trying to impose it in other parts of the world.

    Ukraine does not accept that.


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