After struggling for freedom for 800 years, Croatia gives it up after 20

. . . and Ukraine is desperate to do the same.


4 thoughts on “After struggling for freedom for 800 years, Croatia gives it up after 20

  1. Ed K


    Have you noticed the quiet from Roman?

    The quiet is deafening. Has Ukrainian KGB got him?

    Do I have to call American Embassy?

    Or has he snuck away to Black Sea?

    Just more quiet… … …

    1. Roman

      Thank you, Ed. It’s nice to be missed. I am consciously blogging less. I’m getting back into software development and it’s been consuming much of my attention. :)

      1. Ed K

        A friend of mine from all places, New York City,
        disappeared a couple of years back.

        Micheal was an interesting guy if you handle him. He used a
        voice dictating program that did not have a spell checker.
        Eventually Dragon Speak got a spell checker. Many complained
        that they could not understand him.

        He was a guy would could think in 32 or 64 bites of code. He
        was the programmer for Pruedential’s Wall Street equity hedge
        funds before the last stock market crash. They downsized him
        and he allegedly bought a real estate company in Chicago.

        However at the time he moved to Chicago one of the
        secret arms of the government was looking for top
        programing talent in Chicago. I put him onto the ad.
        Michael never acknowedged my comments nor did he
        disavow my comments. I suspect he is in the employ of NSA.

        Back to Dragon Speak. Maybe you could sell yourself to
        them to make a Ukrainian Version.

        Or maybe you could convince MS that Windows 8 needs
        more tweeting from a user standpoint.

        As to not posting on your sites, the only acceptable reasons
        are running after crumb snatchers.

        ————— // ——————

        1. Roman

          You know, I had a couple old officer friends disappaear under only slightly less suspicious circumstances. They were among my closest friends in the 82nd Airborne Division. One left the military with a chronic disease and I wondered whether he’d passed away.

          Turns out they’re both working in DC, one as a Congressional staffer, the other in the President’s cabinet. No wonder they stopped communicating with a radical freedom lover like me!

          I don’t think I’ll ever work for the government again. There’s something about the free market which brings out the best in people. I may be poorer for the foregone opportunities of tax-payer money, but I’m sticking to it none the less. :)


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