2 thoughts on “Ahhh! Trigger Discipline!???

  1. elmer

    Roman, a citizen “army” of protesters clearly does not have military training, but they worked with what they have, and they were very organized.

    What struck me is the militia was poorly equipped and poorly trained. Sure, they managed to get into their turtle formations, with their shields, mimicking Roman legions from centuries ago.
    In all probability, this is due to the massive corruption on the part of the sovok mafia regime.

    But in essence, they were being used as fodder, while Berkut and special snipers shot at civilians from rooftops.

    In don’t think the militia, or the “Internal Army” – Внутрішні Війська – really wanted to go through what yanusvoloch put them through. yanusvoloch is a colossal idiot.


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