And the WTF of the Day award goes to … NYC LGBT community for supporing Separatists

If this isn’t proof that the Kremlin allies with fringe political groups, I don’t know what is.

The Separatists are explicitly anti-gay. One of the main points of the Kremlin’s domestic propaganda is that Europe intends to spread a homosexual agenda and the Russia is the last bulwark against homosexuality.


5 thoughts on “And the WTF of the Day award goes to … NYC LGBT community for supporing Separatists

  1. Ed K

    What these people are missing is a fellow New Yorker
    who knows what the truth is explaining in language they
    comprehend what the truth is.

    You know a guy who grew up in New York City and understands.

  2. walt

    Every LGBT, black power, femminists,communists, far left, far right and of course most certainaly libertarians, anything, anti- traditional, anti’ American, etc, and you will find the kremlin either starting or high jacking these movements. They try to high-jack mainstream groups, like catholic church and republican party, but the members of those two goups, in general don’t bite. However, the slight majority of catholics, I believe vote democratic.

    As long as your views are anti-American and anti-Christ, you have a common enemy and stick together. Of course, muslims are antoher of those groups.

    I can’t get on your site more than about once a week, I don’t know if this is some kremlin bug or what.

  3. walt

    chilling video of donbass police officer getting shot at. This is not going to end soon. I read recently that Ukraine has 500,000 goverment rifles that I believe are reserves, not the ones in military circulation. Of course, in close enconters a hand gun is more efffective. You can easily conceal it.

    diplomats and lawyers talk about dialogue, those bastards live in safe zones and when in public have security guards armed to the teeth.

  4. elmer

    2 things

    1) Walt’s scenario – Putler/Kremlin offers money to people who don’t know any better

    That is certainly a likely probability.

    2) Fake picture – Putler/Kremlin hire a few people to pose and fake it

    dezinformatsiya, provokatsiya, maskerovka and agitprop

    Putler/Kremlin are waging a massive disinformation war.

    Does the picture, whether purchased and based on disinformation, or purely fabricated fakery, have any measurable effect anywhere?



  5. Ed K


    It is good to see you still live and comment.

    Request that you comment on how to deal with no natural gas this winter.

    Do you know any engineering types? Get their comments, yes?


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