Another Debit Card Stolen

There were a bunch of transactions on it in Moscow.

4th time I had my debit/credit card stolen. 2nd time they resulted in ATM withdrawals in Moscow.


Anybody know how this happens? What should I do differently?

Here is a map of where it was used in Moscow:
where my stolen debit card was used in Moscow

The orange marker shows the ATM where 4 transactions were made. The other markers show “Victoria” supermarkets. At one of them, a $300 transaction was made.

I’m pretty sure my info was stolen when I made an ATM withdrawal in Kyiv at Mezhyhirs’ka street 54.


    1. Roman

      Thanks. It was actually a debit card. I only used it at ATMs. I’ll watch those videos. I need the lesson, apparently.

  1. Ed K

    I asked a friend of mine who is a senior Fed Ex international pilot your question. Here is his reply:


    Quit flying overseas for one thing. I signed-up for LifeLock after my
    wallet was lifted a month ago in NYC.



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