Anti-Cultural Marxist film in Poland

Eastern Europe continues to be resistant toward Cultural Marxism.

Apparently there’s a movie by famous Polish film maker – Kshyshtof Zanussi. It’s one from his latest films – Heart in Hand (2008) (also called – With a Warm Heart ). Ukrainian actor Bohdan Stupka plays an oligarch who has a bad heart and can die any minute.

He has to write a will. Since he is pretty cynical person and hate people he wants to give all his money to someone who can be really harmful and dangerous to humanity. His assistants offer him various suggestions:
– Al Quaeda?
– No, those guys have a lot of money from oil.
– Some religious sect?
– No, it’s too old-fashioned and not very effective.
– Maybe deconstruction?
– What it that?
(Some French philosopher speaks from the screen: There is no difference between good and bad. Ethics is just a construct of cilivilization. Reality is illusion. etc)
Oligharch: – Great! That’s what I need. We’ll give them a lot of money for scholarships and grants.


  1. walt

    Here is what Poland is planning to do;
    Poland will deploy that army of its sitting on the Ukrainian border into Lvov, where it will set up a brutal protectorate. The aim of the Poles will be mass murder to drive the hated Ukropi east into Russia’s sphere and make it Russia’s headache, while the bloodthirsty Poles ethnically clease, with America’s blessings and cover.


    I’m glad I have Polish relatives, Roman, I recommend you start learning Polish or at least drink some Polish Slivichia, which is 70 % proof plum vodka.

    1. Roman

      My grandfather survived the notorious bereza kartuska prison, where Poland sent Ukrainian prisoners. Some called it a concentration camp.


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