At Donetsk Airport, 5 Ukrainian KIA, 25-30 Rebel KIA, unknown # of Russian special forces KIA

The past few days were quite tough in the area of Donetsk Airport. There were severe attacks and shellings. 5 soldiers were killed in the last two days and at least 15-18 were wounded…


Operational report about Donetsk Airport, Monday 20:56:

In general, the rumors about some special forces arriving from Russia – are not rumors at all. There were a few dozen special “cosmonauts” who arrived there and led a mass of locals in an assault [on the airport].

All in all, if, after this, Russians will still talk about us as an inhospitable nation – do not be surprised. According to an intercept of SeparRadio–27, the Special Forces commandos returned home this morning, in cozy coffins. Around 25-30 local organisms also ended their life cycles. 2 warlords, if you can call this rubbish that, were wounded.