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  1. walt

    From a good article, anything in your experience that is similar?

    Start of quote;

    When I came home from Iraq in 2008, friends frequently asked me what I learned “most” from the experience. That’s a tough question to answer, and it depends greatly on context. I learned many things about my faith, my family, and my country, but if the question relates to the war itself, I’d tend to say something like this: “I learned the enemy is more evil than you can imagine, and I learned that a deployment is more difficult than you can imagine.” But while the deployment was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the chance to play a very small part (surrounded by a band of brothers) to fight this extraordinary evil made it the most meaningful year of my life.


    1. Roman

      That neo-con rag should be read for entertainment purposes only.

      I never bought the stuff about Iraqi insurgents being evil after I returned in 2004. Even in country I remained conscious of the fact that I might very well be doing what they were doing if, say, a foreign army invaded and occupied the US.

      1. beauregard

        “That neo-con rag should be read for entertainment purposes only.”

        At least it is not your roots, current Libertarian websites…

        He wrote an article that you might have. Look for the dots of
        KGB, FSB, GRU, Putin, Cheka, and other Russian involvement.

        So you endorse suicide bombers?

        You endorse the Donetsk thugs method of shooting anybody
        who wants to quit their organization?

        USA may not be perfect but still better than Cheka.


        Who are Strelkov, Borodai, et al?

        After this is studied, read:


        For an understanding of what Ukrainians can expect after Russia wins:


        1. walt

          A line from Paul Ryan’s link above. ” In this Progressive vision, self-government should give way to technical expertise, to professional bureaucrats governing according to centralized plans.” Then follow up article, by Jim De Mint, Big govement, Big business.

          As I’ve mentioned before, too many lawyers in all 3 branches of goverment,… and too many burearucrats.

          Industrailisation has done to business what progresives did to the govement. They are too complex. The benefits of technology are great but it has it’s problems too.

          Controll is the issue with progressives, mangers and totalitarians.
          A great read on the managers manging the world see this;


      2. Banderiwets

        Wow, this is a bit of a shock. This probably comes from the same place as the pro-Palestinian sentiment. You can criticize the American government which I do all the time, as well as the Ukrainian, Israeli, Georgian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, etc governments (all of these are nations which are friendly with Ukraine). I certainly agree with the libertarian principle “government is necessary evil”. Come to think of it, there has never really been a Ukrainian government with that much popular support, because our people are very cynical. We don’t blindly follow anyone. Just like Israelis, Georgians, Americans, and the rest of our friends. So far all we’ve had are leftists and neocons, but, Roman, I bet even if there was a western nation with a true libertarian government, I think you’d probably not support them for the simple reason, and this goes for me too, that no one wants to be seen as being pro-establishment.
        But my main criticism is why the fuck should we support Islamic terrorists? We have nothing in common with them, and now ISIS is running around butchering Christians and all non-Sunni Muslims basically.

        1. Roman

          Banderiwets. I’m tired of your re-framing, and name calling. You seem incapable of making honest arguments. Can I ask you simple questions? What is your opinion of the open calls being made in Israel for genocide of Palestinians? What is your opinion of the open calls being made in Israel for the destruction of the Dome on the Rock?

          Also, who is “we”? As in “we” have nothing in common with Muslims.

  2. Beauregard


    I would add that Ukraine faces pure evil in Putin, FSB, GRU
    and the so called rebels in the east.

    If you have ever had a chance to be exposed to pure evil, it
    never leaves you.

    Pure evil does not just occur with Jihadists. It is found in
    criminals and those without regard to others.

    Pure evil gets your attention. It is more than asking for bribes,
    lying, stealing. Evil exist in people and only after you have
    been exposed to it, do you recognize it.

    Too many just do not comprehend the power of pure evil.


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