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Ukrainian right intellectual environment suffered a terrible loss on September 6. A car crash took lives of four outstanding Ukrainian political thinkers – Oleksandr Maslak, Oleksiy Kurinij, Oleksandr Nikonorov, Volodymyr Karagujar – and public activist Serhiy Popov. The group of Ukrainian political scientists was on their way back to Kyiv from Warsaw, where they had participated the international conference named “Strategy of the Intermarium states co-operation in the conditions of a hybrid war.” Their car suddenly fell into a drift in a highway in the Rivne region flew to the oncoming lane. Olexander Maslak was one of those, who directly developed the Intermarium integration geopolitical idea in Ukraine.


Authorities in Ukraine say three political analysts, a journalist, and an activist died in a traffic accident in the western region of Rivne on September 6.

Anton Herashchenko, a lawmaker and adviser to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, wrote on Facebook that political observers Oleksandr Maslak, Oleksiy Kurinniy, and Oleksandr Nikanorov, journalist Volodymyr Karahyaur, and activist Serhiy Popov were killed and that the early morning crash was being investigated.

Ukraine’s national police said earlier that four men died after the car they were in collided with a truck. The fifth man in the car died hours later in a hospital, it said.

OUN Leader Yaroslav Skaskiw remembered in Lviv

— Двадцятидворічний Ярослав Скасків загинув у бою з німецькими фашистами 19 липня 1944 року. Тоді фронт проходив через ці землі. У „Літописі УПА“ написано, що Провід ОУН перебував недалеко від Прибина в селі Старі Стрілища, а боївка оборони була в лісі поблизу. Відступаюча з фронту німецька частина перетинала село, тож ухилитися від зіткнення було неможливо. Намагаючись відступити до лісу, штаб прийняв нерівний бій, врятуватися в якому не було шансів. У результаті бою загинули два провідники — краєвий референт ОУН Юліан Гулян, псевдо Токар, і обласний провідник ОУН Ярослав Скасків, псевдо Моряк.

3 вересня 2017 року в селі Прибин на Перемишлянщині освятили відновлений військовий меморіал полеглим невідомим воїнам УПА — 11 пам’ятних хрестів. Серед тих поховань — могила студента-відмінника хіміко-технологічного факультету Львівської політехніки обласного провідника ОУН Ярослава Скасківа.

On September 3, 2017, a reconstructed military memorial was dedicated to the fallen unidentified UPA soldiers – 11 memorable crosses in the Peremyshlyan region in the village of Pribin. Among those burial places is the grave of the student-specialist of the chemical-technological faculty of Lviv Polytechnic of the OUN Regional Leader Yaroslav Skaskiv.

Twenty-two-year-old Yaroslav Skaskiv died in a fight with the German fascists on July 19, 1944. Then the front passed through these lands. In the “Chronicle of the UPA” it is written that the OUN’s wires were not far from Pribinka in the village of Stari Strilishka, and the combat bunker was in the forest near. The German side, retreating from the front, crossed the village, so it was impossible to avoid the collision. Trying to retreat to the forest, the headquarters took an unequal battle, to escape in which there was no chance. As a result of the battle, two leaders died – regional adviser of the OUN Julian Gulyan, pseudo Tokar, and the regional leader of the OUN Yaroslav Sakasov, pseudo Mariner.

Why R&D in Ukraine is a great idea

The Biggest Tech Companies Are Already There

If you decide to open an office in Ukraine, you won’t be a pioneer. In fact, the Eastern European country already hosts teams from Boeing, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle and Magento. Tech giants such as Snapchat, Opera Software and Wargaming operate offices in Ukraine as well.

The country also ranks among the world leaders in terms of outsourcing, holding the 24th position, according to the Global Services Location Index by A.T. Kearney. Moreover, 13 Ukrainian outsourcing companies made it into the world’s top 100 in 2017.

Hiring in Ukraine is what major brands are already doing. But not only that — Ukraine is home to a range of world-class product companies including Readdle, Grammarly, Jooble, Depositphotos, TemplateMonster, GitLab and others.

Ukrainian workers in high demand in Eastern Europe

As Central European governments fight to block EU-mandated quotas of asylum seekers from Syria and Iraq, Ukraine has emerged as the region’s source of desirable guest workers.

Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, and Estonian governments have set up recruiting programs in Ukraine. Poland’s government is changing its laws to bring in more Ukrainians, adding to the 1.3 million who are already working there.

“CzechInvest and SlovakInvest opened offices here,” said Daniel Bilak, director of UkraineInvest, the nation’s new investment agency. “And they are not here looking for Ukrainian investments. They are looking for Ukrainian workers.”

On the pull side of the region’s push-pull equation, Central Europe is now Europe’s high-growth, low-unemployment zone.

First words

We counted. Including animal sounds, my 1 1/2 year old speaks (or has spoken) about 40 words. Incomplete list:


kurka (chicken / bird)
katka (duck)
xriu xriu (oink oink)
bliblibli (turkey noise)
how how (woof woof)
tweet tweet
chirp chirp

apricot (yes)


titsa (mother’s milk)




woo hoo

beep beep
choo choo