“Azov” battalion have captured Ihor Huskov

The servicemen of the “Azov” battalion have captured Ihor Huskov, a sotnyk who belonged to the pro-Russian cossack group in Berdyansk [a port city in Zaporizhia Oblast], and was also one of the closest allies of Ihor Hirkin, the leader of the terrorist formation in Sloviansk.

According to Huskov, he enlisted himself into the ranks of the “DPR” militants, wishing to pay back the loan that he took out to purchase an iPad.

The militant told on camera, that he was helping the terrorists with the construction of the checkpoints. Moreover, he bragged about killing Ukrainian soldiers and torturing the captives. (video)

Source: http://tsn.ua/politika/biyci-azovu-dopitali-soratnika-stryelka-yakiy-hizuvavsya-vbivstvami-ukrayinskih-viyskovih-357017.html