Azov Statement on situation in Mukachevo

Armed confrontation in Transcarpathia, which led to blood and death of several people provoked confrontation criminal gangs, led by the deputies of Ukraine Mikhail deer and Viktor Baloga. It is regrettable that the conflict with the law “kryshuvaty” smuggling in the region is trapped Ukrainian patriots.

We understand the dissatisfaction of Ukrainian society and patriots negative trends in the state. At the same time emphasize the prevention of internal conflict in a country that is bitter war with a powerful enemy. Ukrainian society should be mobilized and consolidated and resist all efforts to the opening of secondary fronts in the country. For it is the responsibility of both the government and the patriotic public. Patriots Place with weapons in the East.

With this situation, the country must make appropriate conclusions. We call on civil society activists to take control of its own investigation into these events to the real culprits were punished events rather than a handful of patriots. “Azov”, for its part, is ready to participate fully in the conflict.

In order to ensure an impartial and objective investigation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine offer immediately remove the parliamentary immunity of MPs and deer Baloga as the main perpetrators of the conflict. And also – to take full control of the actions of law enforcement agencies whose participation in the solution of this conflict raise doubts about their impartiality.

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  1. walt

    Quote from,

    Russian terrorists are fighting in the criminal gang of Transcarpathian oligarch Mikhail Lanier! The member of terrorist organisation DNR (Kremlin puppet “republic of Donbass”) was killed in battle with the “Right Sector” soldiers in Mukachevo yesterday. This man was the member of sabotage and reconnaissance unit “Ryazan”, which fighting at the separatists side in Donbass and consists from Russian citizens. Michail Lanier must be imprisoned for aiding terrorism!


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