Bad Dollars

These bills were rejected by two different banks. The $10 because part of the edge is torn, the $20 because it’s dirty.

Dollar Bills rejected in Ukraine

I washed the $20 with soap and water and feel confident it’ll get accepted next time I try.

3 thoughts on “Bad Dollars

  1. Taras

    Washed the $20 with soap? Big mistake!:)

    Unless you run our government, don’t ever go greenback-laundering! In my experience, it only makes them less acceptable.

    Btw, I think there’s a currency exchange on Maidan where they accept damaged banknotes at a discount.

  2. anith mathai

    Ha ha, I could have told you that in general foriegn banks will not/ do not accept dirty foriegn currency.
    It seems stupid but was in our list of rules. Not like it all doesn’t go into some sort of common exchange, but just that dirty dollars have to shipped back to the US, which make them more expensive to handle. Keep your dollars clean.


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