Blogger: Chechens Forced to Serve as Mercenaries in Ukraine

In Chechnya, threats and torture recruit mercenaries in Ukraine

People who refuse to go to the Donbass and fight on the side of terrorists , beaten and tortured .

This writes the Russian blogger Oleg Leusenko , referring to a letter from a student from Elmira from Grozny .

” Yes, this set is carried out , but wishing to enroll very little – she writes . – And those who signed up , but understanding how they want to use , refused – kidnapped, beaten, tortured and threatened to make disabled.

Tell your story . I have a relative . On Friday, he went to record to be sent to the Crimea. Enrolled , passed documents . But when he realized that the ” guards ” they need demanded documents back .

Recorded it in the center on the recruitment of mercenaries in Ukraine , located on Mayakovsky Street in Grozny.

My cousin from a needy family. Learning about such big earnings, which promise to power, he decided to enroll . But when he realized the situation , and refused to take the documents ”

According to the writer , when her cousin came to pick up their instruments , the organizers , who are recruiting mercenaries , began to shout at him, call , mother of the last words , insulted , called a coward. She stressed that recruiters work closely with the local police .

” Then the story evolved so – she writes . – At 23 o’clock the same day, at night , masked gunmen broke into the house and my cousin took him. The alarm had been raised all the relatives . Began to search . Finally figured out where he was being held . The police told relatives that they say to him have a couple of questions , and let him go now . But released only in the morning .

He was beaten to a pulp. He was tortured and beaten for refusing to go to Ukraine mercenary .