Book Discussion in Lviv Bookstore “Ye”


Last night I spoke about war, literature, and the Fire and Forget collection alongside a discussion of another book about Afghanistan “Knyha Zabuttya” (Book of Forgetting), by veteran of the Soviet-Afghan war Vasyl Slapchuk, at the Lviv bookstore Ye, during their monthly “Sector of Literary Criticism.”

9 thoughts on “Book Discussion in Lviv Bookstore “Ye”

  1. Andrii

    It was great to discuss “Fire and forget” and to compare war experiences of different campaigns in Afghanistan. Thanks for your participation.

  2. Andrii

    Yes, Ed – I was on the presentation. In fact it’s monthly discussion of new prominent books. I am one of three literary critics who participate in discussion. So, on November we had two novels and one book is about Soviet war in Afghanistan. That’s why I had invited Roman to join us and speak about his war experience and “Fire and Forget” collection.

    Speaking about Ukrainian riots against President’s desicion not to sign agreement with EU, I should say I support these riots. Tonight 4:00 a.m. police commited cruel attack on protesters, dozens of people are injured and in jailed. I have bought a train ticket already and tommorow morning will join protesters. It’s not about EU now, it’s about freedom society.

  3. elmer


    You and the protesters are fighting a good fight.

    I hope that yanusvoloch chokes and dies on his “yolka”

    нехай та банда янусловоча здохне – нехай янусловоч здохне

    1. Ed K

      O. K., guys read the fine print.

      Yanukovich did not state emphatically Ukraine would not join EU.

      Yanukovich did not state emphatically Ukraine would join Soviets puppets.

      Read what he did say publically.

      Then ask what month is it? What is temperature of Ukraine for the next four months?

      How is much of Ukraine warmed? Ever heard of gas heat.

      Who controls most of gas that Ukraine uses for heat?

      If Ukraine had joined EU who would shut off gas to Ukraine ASAP?

      You guys rioting is streets would be responsible for people
      freezing to death, yes?

      Would you consider that weighed heavy in Yanukovich’s decision?

  4. Ed K


    by time of my reply you will probably be on your way. I
    would rather you think of your safety and what you could
    accomplish doing something like running for public office.

    Roman knows my friend in Ternopil who was very involved
    in struggle for Ukraine’s fight against Soviets.

    There are better ways to fight this fight.

    Think of your safety as better investment for success.

    Do you have iPad or telephone that sends pictures to internet?


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