Breaking: “Anti-Fascists” attacked Fatherland Party & Privat Bank in Mariupol, Donetsk

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В Мариуполе ‘антифашисты’ разгромили офис партии ‘Батькивщина’ и сожгли офис Приватбанка


3 thoughts on “Breaking: “Anti-Fascists” attacked Fatherland Party & Privat Bank in Mariupol, Donetsk

  1. walt

    This comment is about your recent interview, USA survial site, has this very credible report on certain media groups and you can see the Corbett report is listed in this group.

    is part of
    this network and also ran the Boston bombings “false flag”
    story picked up by Jones.
    Its Partner Websites include,

    Project Censored

    Stop NATO

    Strategic Culture Foundation

    The Corbett Report

    Washington’s Blog

    Clarity Press

    4th Media

  2. walt

    Roman, you want guns for people, you got it,
    Ukraine Reporter ‏@StateOfUkraine 11 ч.

    #Dnepropetrovsk volunteer battalions are now given military weapons. In next few days weapon to be given to #Ukraine patriots in all regions

    В избранное

    77 ретвитов
    29 избранных
    Aki Heikkinen J Lane Eki Päivärinta Mehdi Mirnejad Thomas C. Theiner Art Vandelay EliminatorDH

    5:40 – 3 мая 2014 г. · Подробнее

    1. Roman

      I hope this is true, though I would greatly prefer a MARKET — import, selling, shooting clubs, market competition.


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