Brief Appearance on Zik – Priami tekst – Роман Скасків, колишній капітан десанту США у програмі Прямим текстом


  1. elmer


    good point about arming civilians – who are trained in the use of weapons

    I keep thinking back to when the goddamn commies invaded Ukraine with all their thugs

    They searched the farms and villages repeatedly – not once, but five, six, seven and more times – to make sure that they confiscated all weapons

    The Kremlinoids have always used psychotic thugs to spread the “ruskkiy mir”, whether it be tsars, commissars, or now Rat-face Bloodimir Dracul Putler Khuylo

    As far as the host’s questions about flaws in the Ukrainian army – Jimminy xmas, the goddamn Party of Regions mafiosi gutted the Ukrainian military for over 20 years while enriching themselves

    And yanusvoloch put RASHANS in charge of security and the military in the government

    All of this was done in plain sight, in plain view of everyone, while people in Ukraine took the Ani Lorak attitude that “politics does not concern them”

    And just now these questions are being asked?

    The time for planning and preparation and training was 20 years ago, not after Putler has already sent his “non-army” into Ukraine


    Will Ukrainians never learn?

    1. Roman

      It’s the ONLY way. I need Kyiv to allow a market for guns. We can be an armed society or a Russian society. That’s it.


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