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The dietary advice I’m trying to follow

The dietary advice I’m trying to follow:

It is ridiculous that humans know more about distant galaxies than human nutrition. The hard part with nutrition isn’t finding information but sorting through lies, pseudo science, wishful thinking, and mis-information. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Comments welcome.

1. Vegetables (all different colors, and especially leafy greens).
2. Garlic.
3. Ginger.
4. Fruits.
5. Berries.
6. Nuts.
7. Turmeric (applied both before and after cooking, with black pepper).
8. Coffee (with cinnamon when convenient).
9. Tea (black for taste, green, occasionally hibiscus).
10. One meal a day without meat.


11. Little refined sugar.
12. Beans.
13. pro biotics: live yogurt, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables.


14. Vitamin D supplement.

Lviv’s “Nostalgia” Restaurant is run by lowlife thieves

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We ordered lunch off the menu, then I went inside and asked the waitress for desserts. (I had to go find her because she was too lazy to check on diners.)

When the bill came we noticed that the desserts were rather expensive. I went to the bar with the bill and paid. (Again, I had to walk because the waitress was too lazy to check on customers).

While they counted my change, I took a menu from the bar and checked dessert prices. That was when the waitress “noticed” that they had overcharged us for dessert — by almost double.

These petty criminals have no business sitting in a restaurant, much less running one.

American Produce

After living and eating in Ukraine for over a year, American produce look bloated and unnatural. Onions are not supposed to be that swollen. Apples are not supposed to rival the size of my head. Carrots are not supposed to look that flawless.

Give me that dirty, crooked, small-ish, and *DELICIOUS* Ukrainian produce, please.