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Counter Protest at Feminist Rally in Kyiv

Her sign reads “a women isn’t a person, but an icubator.” It’s appropriate that they’re wearing read. Communists have always hated families.

Members of the Sisterhood of St. Olha stood with placards of: “Feminism kills.” They refused to comment to Hromadske, stating that only their organizers can talk to the press. Over the megaphone they called out that they were in the name of the patriarchy and were waiting for the day feminists decide to join their Sisterhood.

Ukraine War Amps Charity Newsletter

Dear friend,

Thank you for your support of Ukraine War Amps in the past years!

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US$36,000, which UWA community raised in 2018, made a huge difference in life of hundreds families in Ukraine!
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Postmodern Philosophy is a Debating Strategy written by Galen Watts

Postmodern culture, he argued, was first theorized by neo-Marxists to refer to what they saw as a new phase of capitalism, characterized by heightened skepticism and a preoccupation with subjectivity. However, one need not adopt Marxist social theory in order to agree with the basic point that the social conditions which characterize twenty-first century liberal democracies make it difficult to take our beliefs for granted. The unprecedented degree of cultural and religious pluralism on offer in developed nations today undoubtedly has an impact on what we can take to be certain….

Charles Taylor in his masterpiece A Secular Age called this process “fragilization,” the basic idea of which is that it is more difficult to believe in something wholeheartedly when that belief is not shared by the people one is surrounded by (indeed, we might call this sociology of knowledge 101). So, there is a real sense in which we do in fact live in a post- (or what I would prefer to call “late”) modern culture, whereby our awareness of the existence of “other options”—made especially acute as a result of recent digital technologies—fragilizes our beliefs, leaving us without firm epistemic anchors….

This speaker applied a hermeneutics of suspicion with great skill to these discourses, identifying how they were not only socially constructed, but also how they served the nefarious ends of their various proponents. It was a well-argued paper that left me impressed but also puzzled. The speaker had deconstructed all of these accounts but supplied no alternative account. After the session ended I approached him to inquire about this. But he just stared at me blankly, as if I had just asked him how to tie my own shoelaces. This was not his job, he told me. He seemed to believe an alternative account to be unnecessary. I wanted to know what underlying values and beliefs were motivating his critique so I asked him to describe his worldview. He responded, “I have no worldview.”…

postmodernism is popular—especially among academics—not merely because of the social and cultural conditions of late modernity, but because it is immensely powerful as a tool or strategy of argument. For how can you possibly refute a person’s position when they deny even having one? In turn, arguing with someone who subscribes to postmodern thought is like fighting someone who has nothing to lose. There is no winning….

By feigning a position of critical neutrality, the postmodern critic can stand back and deconstruct everyone else’s discourses, as if they occupy an archimedean point….

the postmodern critic has entered into a Faustian bargain: they have traded in their humanity.”…

much of what we see being advanced under the banner of “postmodernism” is simply hypocrisy in disguise….

‘Irritated’ US admiral sends destroyer to Black Sea after Russia fires on Ukrainian vessels

An American destroyer is sailing to the Black Sea to conduct naval exercises with Ukraine to demonstrate “solidarity” in response to a clash with Russia that has a top U.S. admiral furious.

“The whole episode in the Sea of Azov was extremely bothersome to me,” Admiral James Foggo, commander of U.S. naval forces in Europe and Africa, told reporters on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference over the weekend.

Russian forces fired on three Ukrainian naval vessels that attempted to pass through the Kerch Strait, the narrow waterway that connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov, and arrested the sailors in late November.

Ukraine’s 2019 Elections May Be Completely Unpredictable but Five Things Are Certain

First, no openly pro-Russian candidate can win and this is a major change from the past….

Second, the polls will prove to be very wrong. Ukrainian media publishes almost daily polls, all of which show Tymoshenko leading, a relatively new face in a distant second place, and the president in third….

Third, the majority of presidential candidates are actually campaigning for parliament. Six candidates currently average 10 percent in the presidential polls—Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy, former defense minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko, Radical Party Leader Oleh Lyashko, and Opposition Bloc leader Yuriy Boyko—but Tymoshenko and Poroshenko are the ones to watch. The other four are campaigning for seats in the parliamentary elections, and standing in the presidential election is merely a method to raise their visibility beforehand….

Fourth, Tymoshenko and Poroshenko will battle again in the runoff….

Fifth, the winner of the presidential election will have momentum going into the parliamentary elections….

The Trump Russia Conspiracy Theory is (finally) Dead

I’ve been called all sorts of names for not believing this thing. I received messages like “how could a Ukrainian possibly support Trump when he’s obviously Putin’s puppet.”

Lies should not be so powerful. If you were one of these people who confronted me, I will now be accepting apologies.

Imagine if the US government spent this many resources investigating the Vegas shooting which killed 58 people. Imagine if all foreign interests lobbying the US received this level of scrutiny. The hypocrisy is too much to bare with a straight face.

NBC News Hack Andrea Mitchell Says Jews in Warsaw Ghetto Rose Up Against the “Polish” and Nazi Regime (Video)

They hate Poland for its nationalism.

On Wednesday NBC News hack Andrea Mitchell told the NBC audience the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto rose up against the Polish and Nazi regimes.

This is ludicrous and outrageous!

In World War II there was NO collaborationist Polish government with the Nazis. The Poles were victims of the Nazis and later they were victims of Stalin. The Polish Home Army provided some support to Jews fighting against the Germans.

37 people were arrested for political reasons in annexed Crimea in 2018

37 people were arrested for political reasons in annexed Crimea in 2018. Olha Skrypnyk, the Head of “Crimean Human Rights Group” made such statement as organization reported.

“Talking about repression, 37 people were deprived of the liberty this year within the politically reasoned cases. 13 persons of them are civilians. There are the civic activists among them. For example, Server Mustafaev, Enver Bekirov, Yevhen Karakashev. 24 persons are our Ukrainian sailors, who are the prisoners of war,” she noted.

Ukrainian Orthodox Christians Formally Break From Russia

ISTANBUL — The spiritual leader of Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide recognized the independence of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in a four-hour ceremony in Istanbul on Sunday, formalizing a split with the Russian church to which it had been tied for more than four centuries.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader, handed a Tomos of Autocephaly containing a decree of independence to the newly appointed Metropolitan Epiphanius of Ukraine, cleaving millions of Ukrainians from the Russian Orthodox Church.

The independence effort outraged political and religious leaders in Russia. But for President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine, who stood before an elevated throne throughout the ceremony in Istanbul, the occasion was an affirmation of independence from Russian influence in his embattled country and a boost ahead of elections in March.

“Tomos for us is actually another act of proclaiming Ukraine’s independence,” Mr. Poroshenko said in an address. “For Ukrainians, our own Church is a guarantee of our spiritual freedom. This is the key to social harmony.”

Recognition of the church’s autonomy will resolve a problem for the many Ukrainians who had broken with Moscow and been declared noncanonical, he added.

The Ukrainian church had been under Moscow’s jurisdiction since 1686, when, under pressure from Russia, it abandoned allegiance to Constantinople, the historical seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church now known as Istanbul.

Kolomoisky PrivatBank update

Judge orders unfreezing of Kolomoisky’s assets in PrivatBank case

Lawyers for two of Ukraine’s wealthiest oligarchs, Ihor Kolomoisky and Gennadiy Boholyubov, have said the London High Court has ordered the freeing of their clients’ assets as the country’s largest bank, PrivatBank, suffers setbacks to attempts to recover billions of dollars it claims were stolen by the two businessmen.

The two owned PrivatBank before the Ukrainian government nationalized it in 2016 and was forced to inject $5.5 billion of taxpayers’ money to replace missing cash. In 2017, PrivatBank succeeded in getting the assets frozen worldwide by proceedings in the London High Court intended as a prelude to a full trial for the oligarchs.

The legal proceedings concerned only whether English courts were the correct jurisdiction for any eventual trial and were not to decide on the guilt or innocence of the two Ukrainian oligarchs. Kolomoisky and Boholyubov deny that billions of dollars of PrivatBank’s money went missing when they were in charge. But they admit to causing $248 million losses to the bank.

Ukraine sues oligarch Kolomoisky again, now in his domicile of Switzerland

The rigmarole continues for Ukraine’s attempts to recover over $5 billion siphoned off from the country’s largest bank, PrivatBank, from its former owners.

The National Bank of Ukraine filed a lawsuit to a Geneva tribunal claiming Hr 6.64 billion ($238 million) from Ukrainian oligarch and Swiss resident Ihor Kolomoisky, according to a statement released on Dec.19.

The central bank claimed that Kolomoisky, one of ex-owners of PrivatBank, had served as a guarantor in five refinancing loan agreements before the bank was nationalized in December 2016.

“Since all efforts of the NBU to settle all issues regarding the discharge of Ihor Kolomoisky’s debt under refinancing loans out-of-court failed, the regulator regrettably was forced to file a claim,” the statement read, citing the head of litigation at the NBU legal department, Viktor Hryhorchuk.

He noted that, in early June, the NBU filed 147 claims to the Ukrainian courts against Kolomoisky and 32 companies affiliated with him which had provided collateral for loans.

As of Dec. 18, commercial courts have ruled in 20 cases in favor of the NBU, allowing the regulator to claim the property worth Hr 1.2 billion as debt repayment.

The new lawsuit in Geneva follows PrivatBank’s ongoing legal dispute against Kolomoisky and his business partner Gennadiy Boholyubov in London in a bid to recover part of an estimated $5.5 billion stolen from the bank. Having nationalized the bank two years ago, the Ukrainian government had to fill in the gap with public funds.

Initially, PrivatBank succeeded to have the two oligarchs’ assets frozen — in total, $2.6 billion worldwide. However, in late November an English judge ruled that London was not the right jurisdiction for further proceedings. PrivatBank said it would appeal.

Ukraine’s economy sees 8th most in remittances of all countries, receiving $16.5B

The World Bank estimated that remittances to developing countries were $528 billion in 2018. Half of these remittances were received by six countries: India received $80 billion, China ($67 billion), Mexico and the Philippines ($34 billion each), and Egypt ($26 billion) and Nigeria ($25 billion). Remittances were the largest share of GDP in ex-USSR countries and island states, led by Kyrgyz Republic, where remittances were 36 percent of GDP, and Tonga, 35 percent.

If I understand correctly, these are monies sent into each country from people outside the country. They are classified as gives and usually come from relatives working internationally.

Think of all those bank fees!!! It’s a great use case for crypto.

The propaganda continues: “MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven”

Finally, a clear and convincing – and unrefuted – case can now be presented to the public, as to precisely whom the guilty party was, that downed the MH17 Malaysian airliner over Ukraine on 17 July 2014, and why it was done. The complete case, which will be fully documented here, displays unequivocally who needed the MH17 murders (of 298 persons) to be perpetrated. This mass-murder was done for one leader’s very pressing obsession. For him, it simply had to be done, and done at that precise time.

The article is long and confusing, and ignores much hard evidence, deep investigation, and even claims made earlier by Russian officials — most notably that they’d SHOT DOWN A PLANE. Their story only changed after they discovered it was a civilian airliner. In the past the Russian propagandists also published a supposed satellite photo of a Ukrainian fighter shooting at MH-1y, even capturing the missile in flight.

fake russian satellite image of mh-17

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Great Overview of Ukrainian Gas Industry and Relations with Russia

1) Losing a lot of gas traffic might be fine for Ukraine. It may help Ukraine reduce corruption by producing fewer energy oligarchs and develop a real economy – IT and agriculture.

2) Regarding Russian hostility, I think more important than any gas transit deal is that the Russian creation myth relies on Ukrainian history. Ukraine’s Independence is an identity crisis for the Russians.