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Ukraine Police Raid Clinic Allegedly Selling Babies to Chinese ‘Single Men of Certain Orientation’

The National Police of Ukraine last week raided a private reproductive clinic in Kiev that has allegedly been “selling newborns” to China for “a long time,” according to a government official.

The deputy head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Herashchenko, published details of the raid in a Facebook post on Sunday, saying that police “stopped the criminal activity of an international, transnational group” that is now charged with human trafficking.

Herashchenko described the criminal operation—which was allegedly led by the head of the clinic, her son, two Ukrainians, and three Chinese nationals—as “a supermarket for the sale of newborns.”

Members of the criminal group found women in Ukraine to register “fictitious marriages with foreigners and participate in surrogacy programs” in order to facilitate the trafficking of the newborns abroad, Herashchenko said.

“For a monetary reward, the criminals provided services to solve organizational and legal issues related to the processes of fertilization, childbirth, paperwork, and legalization of the export of children outside Ukraine,” he wrote. “In other words, they sold children born to Ukrainian women to China for money.”

Newborns were sold for a price of roughly $50,000, which covered the cost of artificial insemination, organization of sham marriages, as well as legal support, according to the official. After the birth of the children, birth certificates were allegedly reissued to the names of the “buyers” and their fictitious wives—the surrogate mothers.

The National Police of Ukraine said in a statement on Facebook that law enforcement officers stopped the “illegal activities” of a group “engaged in the sale of babies abroad.”

“For a long time, abusers, under the guise of surrogate motherhood and through fictitious marriages with foreigners, transported newborn children not only throughout Ukraine but also to other countries.”

According to Herashchenko, the majority of the group’s clients were “Chinese citizens—single men of a certain orientation.” An investigation is underway into at least 140 Chinese citizens suspected of involvement in the purchasing of newborns in Ukraine, he said.

He added that it is not yet clear how many babies born in Ukraine have been smuggled out of the country.

“The police will make every effort to prevent this from happening again,” Herashchenko wrote.

The National Police of Ukraine reportedly conducted 11 raids in total, including at the homes of the suspects, their offices, clinic, as well as searches of their cars. Investigators found five newborns aged 2 to 6 weeks in private apartments across Kiev, which they believe were about to be trafficked, and took them to children’s hospitals.

The Netflix series “The Devil Next Door” and the tragic story of John Demjanjuk

Demjanjuk’s U.S. citizenship was voided in 1981, on the grounds that he had failed to disclose upon entering the United States that he was Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka. After a long court battle in the U.S., he was extradited to Israel in February 1986.

The actual criminal trial began in Jerusalem in early 1987 and was held not in a courtroom but in the large auditorium of the International Convention Center. Speaking today, Yoram Sheftel, Demjanjuk’s Israeli attorney, tells us this marked the first and only trial in Israel’s history to be broadcast beginning to end, with some 16 cameras in place to record the drama. It was, quite literally, a “show trial.”

A key witness for the prosecution was Treblinka survivor Gustav Borax, whose testimony was heart-wrenching and horrid. Sheftel raised the point during the trial that the gruesome details of what occurred at Treblinka had no bearing upon the identity of the perpetrator. He offered to stipulate or agree that such horrendous acts had occurred, only to be verbally slammed by Chief Judge Dov Levin and directed to withdraw his words or be held in contempt. One of the other Judges, Dalia Dorner, made the twisted justification that it is only by hearing the grotesque details of Treblinka that you can value the identification of Demjanjuk as Ivan the Terrible. Even the courtroom sketch artist, Joanne Lowe, jumps in with a commentary about how Demjanjuk sat motionless and showed no emotion, “He was just blank,” she said, insinuating that he was cold -blooded. Of course, if he had cried, she may have said it was a sign of remorse and guilt on his part.

At a critical point in his cross examination, Mark O’Connor, Demjanjuk’s American lawyer, asks Borax, the prosecution’s lead witness, how he happened to travel from Poland to Miami, Florida, where his deposition was taken by the OSI. Borax hesitates and replies, “We went by train.” The audience sat stunned. With his mental competency now in question, Borax was asked how old he was and replied, “I was born in 1901.” Later, he was unable to recall the name of his youngest son who was killed at Treblinka. Even Demjanjuk’s own lawyer enters into the Kafkaesque world of the bizarre when the program shows him at the time of the trial taking a lie detector test before a TV audience; and his answer that he does not believe Demjanjuk to be Ivan the Terrible is ruled by the lie detector operator to be “untrue.”

Andri Biletski – strongly against Ukraine’s Land Reforms

Andri Biletski is the founder of the Azov Battalion, which fought heroically against the Russian invasion. It’s now been brought under the control of the Army and part of it has transformed into a social and anti-corruption organization.

Andri Biletski offers a counter-point to the support of the law given by Andri Drozda in the previous post. Biletski argues that it is just Ukrainian Oligarchs enriching themselves and a sell-out of everyday Ukrainians. I sympathize with his stance against unbridled openness and desire to ensure regular Ukrainians benefit from these laws. My hunch is that privatization will better codify land ownership laws and put smaller businesses on more equal footing with the oligarchs whom Biletski fears. But I could be wrong.

Moscow Tightens Control Over Its Cossacks (2019)

In the Russian Federation, there are two groups of people who are referred to as “Cossacks.” The first consists of 3 million-5 million people who trace their ancestors to the 13 Cossack hosts of the imperial period and celebrate their tradition as free men. According to many scholars, their collective name in fact refers to that tradition. These Cossacks consider themselves a distinctive ethnic group with their own culture and language, and they live under leaders (atamans) whom they have elected for themselves. The second (and much smaller) group, perhaps no more than 100,000 in total, have no link to these Cossack traditions besides the name they claim and the fancy uniforms they wear. They take money and orders from the Kremlin, and are little more than armed thugs now routinely used as irregular forces against protesters. Unlike the first group, they have been stripped of any freedom to choose their atamans or the rules their communities will have to live by.

A week ago (July 11), the Russian State Duma (lower chamber of parliament) voted 398 to 0, with one abstention, to give Russian President Vladimir Putin the exclusive right to appoint and remove the ataman of the All-Russian Cossack Society, as well as to require that all subordinate Cossack units follow and obey the procedures of the Cossack units above them. This effectively strips the Cossacks of any democratic procedures, transforming the entire official Cossack establishment into little more than yet another arm of the repressive state, with all officials being appointed by the Kremlin rather than elected by the members of the Cossack community they govern (, July 11).

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Cossacks Paramilitary in Russia (2018)

Russia is again having problems with the Cossacks and it has become a real back-to-the future moment. Despite 70 years of efforts by the communists to destroy the Cossack community, the Cossacks survived, mainly by concentrating on preserving their culture and not trying to fight the new communist run Soviet Union. By the 1990s there were millions of Russians and Ukrainians who could trace their origins to one of the 13 Cossack “hosts” (tribes) that were recognized by the czars over the centuries.

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Jesuit Magazine Makes ‘Catholic Case for Communism’ (July 2019)

It is beyond idiotic for any religion to adopt Marxism, which begin with the apriori assertions of Dialectical materialism, which posits that all thought, philosophy, and action results from people economic class. There is no room left for God, and indeed, Communists killed Christians by the hundreds of thousands.

The Jesuit flagship publication in the United States, America magazine, has published an article defending Marxism and comparing the murderous, atheist ideology to Christianity.

In “The Catholic Case for Communism,” America writer Dean Dettloff says that the militant atheism of Marxist politics is “understandable” because “Christianity has so often been a force allied to the ruling powers that exploit the poor.”

As a number of prospective presidential candidates from the Democrat party are openly donning the mantle of socialism, America took the issue one step further, suggesting that the negative reaction to “Bernie Sanders’s inspiring 2016 primary bid and the electoral success of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib” represents a “revival of socialist hysteria.”