Central / West tensions

The Army recruiting system in Eastern / Southern Ukraine isn’t work. There’s growing resentment from Western / Central Ukrainians who have been getting and answering a call to duty. Some people are getting angry — mostly wives and mothers. They are insulted by the arrival of refugees while their own boys go off to war. Russian elements are probably exploiting this tension, though I don’t think it’ll become a factor.

There was a statement from the go’vt that refugess will also get the call to duty soon.

3 thoughts on “Central / West tensions

  1. Banderiwets

    This article is very worrying. I think this garbage with regionalism NEEDS to stop. If anything the neo-nazi scum in the Awtonomni Natsionalisty Ukrayiny are going to be exploiting this- I have no doubt Russia has a hand in this too of course.

    I remember fighting with a “nationalist” from Kharkiv who was anti-Russia, pro-Ukrainian language, etc. but called me a fake nationalist and “Polish scum” because I’m from L’viv, and then said that Lvivyany aren’t true Ukrainians and we’re all just Polish- but Kharkivtsy are real Ukrainians. Everyone knows in L’viv we don’t tolerate Polish chauvinists who think this is their land even though they’re a nearly insignificant minority of the population. Also Kharkiv is mostly Russian-speaking, so if anything, it’s the opposite. This guy was no Ukrainian nationalist like he claimed, because he was promoting division – just like that crook “Father Dmitry”.

    We are all Ukrainians, and while we may have regional differences (etnohrafichny), as long as we are all Ukrainian-speakers and patriotic then we are on the same side.

    1. beauregard

      Banderiwets, understand that many Ukrainians in Western
      Ukraine and around Lviv especially are actually escapees from
      Eastern Ukraine… I found out from a distant cousin who
      knew the whole story that I was not told.

      1. Banderiwets

        Well how recently did they escape and where are they from? I know Poltawa is in the East but it is strongly Ukrainian, as in people are patriotic, actually bother to speak Ukrainian, etc. The moskali wouldn’t dare go near there, or Cherkasy, or even Kirowohrad for that matter.


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