Changing Wheels on the EU-Ukraine Train

We were on the train the whole time the wagons were lifted, etc. After the change, a worker went into the cabin adjacent to mine, lifted the carpet, and inserted what looked like a large steel plug into a hold on the floor.

Here’s a video of the process (different location):


2 thoughts on “Changing Wheels on the EU-Ukraine Train

  1. Ed K

    So we see Prague, Krakow…

    What about Odessa, Kherson, which are still in old Ukraine?

    You would not have to change train wheels…

    Ed K

  2. Ed K

    It needs to be explained to me when Prague
    and Krakow were part of Ukraine?

    Where are the equally if well presented places
    in Ukraine?

    So we are now a modern tourista?

    What happened to real research about Ukraine?

    Since radiation is apparently a subject of interest, where
    is trip to Chernobyl?

    Or a road trip from Chernobyl west along the path of
    the cloud of radioactive dust?

    It is a great pity and disappointment to see an
    able young man become a typical bureaucrat.
    What caused the loss of work ethic and idealism?

    “Historians have all sorts of theories on why
    the Roman Empire fell, blaming everything from
    religion to barbarians. My take is that every
    empire in history eventually rots from within
    when privilege, not contribution, becomes the
    basis for compensation.” By Andy Xie

    Web sites are a great concept. However, just
    moving thoughts around and not writing or
    producing original work illustrates the thought
    behind Andy’s comment.

    Yes the above were original, but were they
    about Ukraine?

    Chicken Kiev? Where is the farm that produces
    the chickens?

    Where is the interview with a Ukrainian oligarch?

    Where is the story about some really remote, overlooked
    Ukrainian village. Get a motorcycle and go to Maripol,
    Sumy, Kovel, et al.

    Ed K


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