Cheating Taxis at Kyiv Borispol Airport

Every since I paid an outrageous 250 UAH for my first trip from Kyiv Borispol Airport, I’ve been ignoring the cabbies.

They seem to accept my body language, and no longer even try to take me for a ride. I call one of two taxi companies who quote a price over the phone. It’s nice, though they are sometime rude. The girls will hang up on you if they don’t understand you, and hang up again when you call back.

Anyway, the price is usually 130 UAH.

Recently, just out of curiosity, I approached the official looking black and yellow taxi booth in Terminal B.

“How much to the center?” I asked.

“What street?”

I told her.

Without consulting any computer or chart, she thought for a moment and said 260 UAH. I laughed out loud.

I expect many soccer fans to get cheated during Euro Cup 2012.