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  1. Ed K

    So again I will bring up the subject of Rivne, Ukraine. There is major hospital there that has important reseach on the radiation effects of Chernobyl. Dr. Schumlanskii is chief doctor and someone who you should interview. He got his appointment based on radiation reseach he was doing in Lviv. He has built a very good staff to do reaseach but importantly does not follow main stream media ideas. He is his own man. He marches to the music of truth.

    Keep in mind that he works full time as a surgeon then is chief administrator of the hospital. But, call him for interview and tell him I met him six years ago, and recommended him as man of truth and knowledge. He is very able and would give you very accurate information. He is a man worth meeting. His lady doctor in charge of radiation reseach has traveled the world presenting the research, especially to University of South Alabama.

    Ed K

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