Clearance of Fires

I’ve heard first hand of accounts (over beer) of Ukrainian special forces risking their lives to pin point enemy positions. And artillery units receiving the coordinates. And them being denied the right to fire all night. And in the morning the Russians hitting them and quickly withdrawing. And only then the Ukrainians being allowed a counter-battery.

These Russian officer need to be killed. They are the enemy. They plan and supervise the killing of Ukraine’s young men.

2 thoughts on “Clearance of Fires

  1. Beauregard

    Gee, do we know any one qualified?

    —————– // ——————–

    Recall this:

    “Moscow claims it hasn’t invaded anyone. That’s
    because Russia is slipping into Ukraine special
    units of spies and saboteurs… ”

    “In the run-up to Russia’s paramilitary invasion
    of Crimea, U.S. intelligence saw Vladimir Putin’s
    saboteurs and mercenaries coming, and not
    stopping at Crimea either.”


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