Clips from the Kyiv Post

I’m still not sure if the English language Kyiv Post is a weekly or a daily. I’m hoping, weekly, so that I don’t feel guilty about not reading all of them.

I get the newpaper for free by walking into any fancy hotel, and either picking it up from a stack, or asking the desk.

From the corner of the front page:

“Only two years after the global economic crisis knocked nearly 40 percent off the value of the Ukrainian hryvnia, the national currency is again weakening slightly against the dollar . . .”

From the same story, continued on page 8:

“On Sept. 1, central bank First Deputy Chairman Anatoly Shapovalov, who was closely involved in the exchange rate policy, resigned and was replaced by young banker Serhiy Arbuzov, seen as a close ally of Yanukovych.

The move led to some investor concern that the government, backed by steel exporters who bank-rolled Yanukovych’s campaign, would tilt the exchange rate policy in their favour by devaluing the hryvnia — or at least stopping it from strengthening.

. . . .

The central bank, which has been buying dollars for the last few months to stop the hryvnia from appreciating too quickly, said on Tuesday it would intervene to maintain hryvnia stability.

It has, however, pledged to allow more exchange rate flexibility under a $15 billion deal with the IMF in July.”

The next story on page 8 is titled “The government’s ‘final version’ of tax code remains secret for taxpayers.

The front page headline is “Billion-dollar Conflicts — Ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko may be fading in popularity, but she remains one of the few politicians to openly denounce conflicts of interest between top officials . . . “