Closest Parts of Donetsk City under Ukrainian control

As promised, here’s the news you are probably aware of by now – the combat has moved into Donetsk. The Right Sector and the 93rd Mechanized Brigade have wedged themselves into the city and continue to fight. Separatists are suffering heavy losses and keep running away. Despite this, the support is still needed, so we need you to share [this info] for maximum resonance and forcing the authorities to act immediately. Please offer your support by sharing and sending prayers to our heroes! Glory to Ukraine!

Правий Сектор США / Right Sector USA

Як і обіцяли новина, як ви напевне вже знаєте – бій перекинувся на Донецьк. Правий Сектор та 93 Мех Бригада вклинился в місто і продовжують бій.Сепаратисти несуть важкі втрати та тікають. Тим не менше підтримка буде потрібна, тому необхідний максимальний перепост для резонансу і примусу влади діяти невідкладно. Будь-ласка підтримаємо перепостом та молитвою наших героїв! Слава Україні!


  1. walt

    The Right Sector and Party Svoboda a couple of weeks ago had a public march together, I believe in Kiev. The Right Sector on many media sights, including yours, have had a very positive response, the Svoboda party seems to have fallen out of political existance.

    Recently, Alexander Motyl, in a Huffington World Post article, had stated that Svoboda and Azov battatlion were extremist organizations. Avakov seems to be fairly supportive of Azov battalion and the Kiev police chief of Kiev is an Azov guy.

    It seems from reading articles about this war, that the volunteer organizations are siginificantly more effective than the official army. Although, I don’t know if Svoboda has a volunteer battalion. It seems that Ukrainians have a reasonbale amount of people who still value the honorable warrior.

    Any comments or links on these 3 organizations, Right Sector, Svoboda, and Azov, I would be very interested in seeing.

    1. Roman

      Right Sector and Azov have a lot of true patriots and extremely courageous young men. Svoboda is a circus of parasitic politicians.

  2. Beauregard

    As I pointed out elsewhere, Motyl is academic and most
    academics are what we call liberals.

    I cannot get an American of Ukrainian ethnicity to
    comment openly about Motyl. And I have asked some
    very well respected persons.

    Some communications going back and forth are in Navajo.


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