5 thoughts on “Communist Party of Ukraine: Svoboda Protesters are Nazis

  1. Andrii

    Nobody cares what these old fugs say. They had some more votes last time just because people of Eastern Ukraine were dissapointed in Regions Party. Commies party is slowly dying and we all wish they die as fast as it’s possible.

  2. elmer

    It’s the same old propaganda since WWII

    Under the commies, every day was 1945 – “victory over the fascists”
    Idiots like the Konotop Witch, Vitrenko, even used WWII battle footage when she ran for president a while back.

    Andrii is exactly right

  3. Roman

    I share your views. I posted for the comic effect and to show the absurdity of this old propaganda. I’m subscribed to their youtube channel for similar reasons.

    1. Ed K

      All three of you should be ashamed of not translating
      her words for English speakers on this side of pond.

      When people on this side run into the language issue,
      they do not come back to site. That is great pity.

      Then I receive questions from Ukrainians in Ukraine why
      Americans will not communicate no less help.

      Very few of us had opportunity that Roman had, and then
      he uses language such as “my people” and I get asked who
      does he think he is? Many in USA can claim Ukrainian
      heritage but very few can speak and understand
      Ukrainian or Russian.

      It is important to grasp that they understand their heritage.

      More importantly they understand they are now Americans
      and Canadians and do not walk away from their new heritage
      nor have fantasies that they are still Ukrainians.

      Ukrainians are Ukrainians not “my people” and as such I respect
      them as Ukrainians.

      1. elmer

        This is a propaganda piece, not a news story

        It is all in Rashan, not Ukrainian

        It is a comical piece, because they claim that the taking down of the statue of Lenin equates to “fascism” and “nazism”, and in “normal” countries this would cause “outrage.”



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