Concise Summary of Ukraine’s Upcoming Election

Okay, let me start by saying that I haven’t been paying attention to politics. Democracy makes me sick. In the words of Albert Jay Nock:

“. . . a decent person could find no place in politics, not even the place of an ordinary voter, for the forces of ignorance, brutality and indecency would outnumber him ten to one.”

However, I overheard the following concise summary from a well-respected lawyer who’s been doing business in Ukraine for over a decade. I think it’s worth sharing:

The Party of Regions will either falsify the election, or they’re all going to prison. Expect to hear a lot of noise in about a month. It’ll sound like all hell is breaking loose. But you know what it means for you? [He was talking to a prospective American investor (not me).] Nothing. Business as usual. Ukraine’s economy is already 70-80% underground. I just want to warn you.