Counter Protest at Feminist Rally in Kyiv

Her sign reads “a women isn’t a person, but an icubator.” It’s appropriate that they’re wearing read. Communists have always hated families.

Members of the Sisterhood of St. Olha stood with placards of: “Feminism kills.” They refused to comment to Hromadske, stating that only their organizers can talk to the press. Over the megaphone they called out that they were in the name of the patriarchy and were waiting for the day feminists decide to join their Sisterhood.

3 thoughts on “Counter Protest at Feminist Rally in Kyiv

  1. Beauregard

    Political Correctness origins in strategy of Cultural Marxim

    Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, the key figure in the cultural Marxist canon.

    “The Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, the key figure in the cultural Marxist canon, developed, in the 1930s, a more elaborate concept he called “hegemony.” For Gramsci, a war of ideas necessarily precedes any actual war against the capitalist ruling class. “Hegemony” is the ruling class’ use of mass culture to dominate the masses. The elites use mass culture as armies use trenches and fortifications to defend their core interests.

    A revolution, then, can only occur after a long battle of position against these cultural fortifications and ideological defenses. Every revolution, Gramsci argued, is preceded by an intense period of criticism, a culture war. A key role in this process of counter-hegemony is played by people Gramsci referred to as “organic intellectuals”—those born into an oppressed (“subaltern”) class. Such intellectuals refine the “common sense” of the masses into “good sense,” thereby planting the seeds of a more widespread revolutionary consciousness.

    In Germany during the 1930s, a group of neo-Marxist thinkers developed Critical Theory, which they held to be a necessary instrument in the liberation of human beings from the throes of capitalism. These thinkers became known as the Frankfurt School.

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      I think their panic now, and massive calls for censorship, involves them losing their “Hegemony” to social media.

      1. Beauregard

        Unfortunately social media is their fellow traveler. Look at sublime censorship at the biggest social media sites. And some outright overt censorship of nationalistic comments thereon.


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