Crimea Billboard

Hard to believe the extent to which the Russians are pushing the Nazi meme despite all evidence.

Both Soviet patriotism and the fake sort of patriotism that Putin attempts to invoke derives its legitimacy from winning WWII. Defeating Nazism two and a half generations ago is pretty much all they have.

Hence you get this ridiculous billboard in Crimea:


I can’t imagine too many residents take it seriously, having lived there for the past twenty years of corrupt but otherwise tolerant Ukrainian rule, and with even special provisions made for Crimean autonomy.

Someone should sneak up there at night, paint over “ili” and put an “=” sign.

6 thoughts on “Crimea Billboard

  1. Andrii Drozda

    So, we all can see that Putin has nothing to offer for Crimea and Ukraine. Same old fears and scarecrows that existed 60-50 years ago.

  2. elmer


    So why are all those Rooshans in Crimea jumping up and down like baboons for Putler?

    What is he going to give them?

    Pensions? Money? What?

    What do they get out of Putler coming in and ruining Crimea?

    All anyone has to do is to take a look at Ossetia and Abkhazia to see what Putler has accomplished there – a wasteland.

    Why are they shrieking and jumping up and down like baboons for Putler?

  3. Drew

    They do not believe it would be better with Putler, but it would be much worse to stay living in country, that just 20 years ago was most rich and comfortable of all USSR. Now it is down in ruins, embraced with mafia, oligarchs and the new proclaimed band of nazi-controlled government.

    All of this seems to be too little in comparison with vigor save own language (new rulers were too fast to taboo rus language in all Ukraine territory (in spite of 83% of country uses rus as own, and even govs more often and correctly speak rus).
    And even smaller momentum – Crimea was Russland for last 300 years – there are too much people that want their home to be Russia until space alien invasion.

    Nevertheless if Russia looses Crimea and Ukraine to NATO next Maidan will take place in Moscow. And people are so f***in tired of those “democratic” revolts.

    Mmm… And about S.Osetia – visited year ago – seemed to be not so poor. As to Abhasia – its resorts became rather expensive for last years – looks like business goes too well in this quiet “war torn with rus occupants” country :-). Good luck!

    1. Roman

      Drew, I think the formal and informal comments from Ukraine’s Jewish community render your comment about nazis ridiculous.


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