CURT on Europe and Ukraine’s rational choice

Germany has become an unreliable ally (even if it was only a conquered client state). France has always done what is in it’s interest at the expense of all, but now Germany tells eastern Europe that it’s economy is more important than the european peace, and that the conflicts that started the world wars are not yet settled. In Ukraine we just want to be free of Russian oppression, corruption, murder, propaganda and poverty. How the west and Russia rationalize their risks is irrelevant to the Ukrainian people who see Poland right next door thriving while we here live in the poorest christian country with the highest levels of corruption outside of Argentina. We choose Europe because it is the only choice possible to make for rational beings.

One thought on “CURT on Europe and Ukraine’s rational choice

  1. walt

    Very accurate analysis. Naturally, being educated in America, I don’t know, has germany ever used their army to help defend a under dog or where/are they like ruSSians, only use their army to attack the underdog. This is truely the sign of a corrupt society.

    Here is a good background on the way Germans were brought up before WW2,

    here’s a quote from the link, “Newborn were not in most cases considered human since they did not yet have a soul, and so could be “killed in a kind of late abortion.”

    Are ruSSians brought up better or worse?


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