Curt on Lviv and Immigration

Lviv is everything Paris pretends it is, and wishes it was. Unlike Paris, Lviv is quiet, bespoke, culturally elegant, civil, unpretentious, populated by decent beautiful folk, and free of human parasites.

People cross themselves when they pass the church. Mothers dress as if going to the Opera when merely walking their children for the day.

Men play chess in the central park, rather than demonstrate bravado.

We used to be like this before the massive immigration of the 20th century.

Cultural Diversity is the equivalent of bodily cancer or excess genetic intermixing. Without boundaries neither behavior or genes can calculate success. The result is civil and genetic collapse. And the only solution is tyranny or secession.

Tyranny requires violence against the people and a docile populace. Secession requires violence against the state, and an activist populace.


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