Curt on Putin’s stupidity (again)

“It would have been cheaper to buy Crimea”—

Exactly what I’ve been saying. I couldn’t believe how f__king stupid Putin was. He had the western right wing eating out of his damned hand. He could have run the entire west in a generation. He could have used Russian labor and resources to partner with german science and engineering and rebuilt the self image of european civilization. He could have facilitated the widthdraw of the states from Europe.

Ukraine would have LOVED to sell Crimea for discounted petroleum. Hell, he could have purchased the east. Now he has unified Ukraine against Russia for generations. And he has told the west that they must rearm to fight Russia as an enemy.

F__king idiot. The Chinese are the worlds worst cancer. They are a plague culture.

Like I said ‘Russians: The White People Who Failed’.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.