Curt on Ron Paul Joining the Lunatic Fringe

I think Ron Paul is too trusting of Daniel McAdams, and I think Daniel McAdams works for the Kremlin — his lies have been so cynical, so flagrant, so devoid of integrity, and so lockstep with Kremlin talking points that I see no other explanation.



(Rothbardians = Lunatic Fringe)

Seriously? Were these people all freaking crazy all the time, and I just thought that they were being playful? I mean, I thought it was all normal political posturing. A big game. But are these people really as nuts as they sound?

I mean, WTH is wrong with these people? I mean, our government operates by bureaucratic incompetency, bureaucratic self interests, general ideology, and presidential ideology and whim. There is nothing different about our government operating by incompetency, self interest, ideology and whim, than any other government operating by incompetency, self interest, ideology and whim.

What is worse is that westerners in general have adopted this absurd christian universalism, and worse, have advocated the spread of democracy, and the democratic socialism of high trust societies to the rest of the world – a world which consists almost entirely of low trust, racial, tribal, and familial corrupt polities, incapable of such institutions as the west uses regularly.

What’s worse, and ironic, is that the Jewish method of anarchic universalism, is even WORSE than the christian – it’s not just wrong, it’s suicidal.

All rothbardians are advocating is ghetto ethics: the ethics of levantine polities.

The rest of the world is largely made up of grownups: you can choose whatever order you need to for the polity that you must make use of, but whatever order you do choose must be artificially imposed by the threat of violence, since all ORDERS by definition require that we reduce transaction costs and produce commons, even if that commons is limited to the reduction of transaction costs: ie; trust.

Ron Paul is just another lunatic now.

10 thoughts on “Curt on Ron Paul Joining the Lunatic Fringe

  1. walt

    Curt, your quote, “Ron Paul is just another lunatic now”, is wrong …

    He was always a lunatic kremlin stooge.

    1. Roman

      Ron is write on almost everything. I owe him a deep debt of gratitude. But his coverage of Russia and Ukraine has been a profound disappointment.

    2. Keith Rash

      Yes he is. I once listened to him closely until I realized that he has no issues with pandering to RT and Alex Jones. Pitiful, just looks like an old man struggling for importance.

  2. beauregard

    Veterans Today seems to be a phony organization not with
    standing alleged prominent people on board. This is more
    than a anti war group, rather it seems to endorse Kremlin

    It is important to note that Veterans Today does not claim
    which veterans and analysis shows it is any one who might
    be remotely a veteran even Jihadist.

    It is a misleading story byline.

    1. Banderiwets

      I did a background check. “Veterans Today” is a combination of Nazis, Communists, and radical Muslims as well as Lord knows what other kinds of trash. This is one thing about Roman that gets to me- why does what every fringe lunatic say about Ukraine matter? Ron Paul is not popular at all- so what if his nutcase supporters control the internet. Oh well.

      1. Beauregard


        Roman has problem with Ron Paul due to several influences.

        Roman saw Libertarianism as a freedom ideology.

        Roman personally met Ron Paul in Washington, D.C. and has
        pictures to document meeting.

        It seems that Ron Paul’s loathing of U.S. Federal Intervention
        has allowed him to be seduced by those opposed to Ukrainian
        freedom and history as espoused by Pylyp Orlyk.

        I would suppose that Ron Paul has never read the scribings of Orlyk.

        Thank you for the background check of “Veterans Today” confirming
        my comments.

        Understand that some of Roman’s thinking is colored by battle fatigue
        and post combat stress.

        Roman has chosen a hard road to follow. It can be a lonely road.
        Achievement, Courage, and Audacity are not sometimes ways,
        but must be summoned up each day.

        “Achievement is not always success, while reputed failure
        often is always failure. Achievement is honest endeavor,
        persistent effort to do the best possible under any and all
        circumstances.” Orison Swett Marden

        So, tell us how to defeat Putin.

        1. Banderiwets

          I am also opposed to any intervention in Ukraine. I do think, however, that Ukraine and America should be friends. The Americans known most for their patriotism and nationalism are conservatives, who are opposed to the current American government, so it really pisses me off how everyone equates support for America with support for the American government – same for Israel.

          A lot of Roman’s posts feature psycho kremlin-backed “Paleoconservatives”- who worship Pat Buchanan and call everyone who’s pro-Israel, “neconservatives”. I just don’t understand the obsession with finding the most popular anti-establishment figures (other than communists like Chomsky and friends), no matter how incongruous their views are.


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