Curt on Russia

—The difference is that Americans are not intentionally deceitful – just ideologically optimistic, naive, and desperate to preserve borders, human rights, and capitalism as a means of focusing states on inward transformation instead of expansion, in order to prevent another world war. Russia is a low-trust, poor, corrupt society that cannot build a modern economy, where it seems almost impossible to imagine that people have positive intentions. The most murderous and evil people the world has ever known. And the greatest mistake we have made in the west was not leaving Patton to conquer russia and save us from the continuance of russian brutality, deceit, and murder.—

2 thoughts on “Curt on Russia

  1. PUTIN


    Deceit,lies. vanity, truth like all other human emotions are UNIVERSAL.
    You can not claim that pne people is the epitome of evil and deceit [Russia in your moronic
    view] while the other is absolved by stating that they are ‘ideologically optimistic,naive
    and desperate to preserve borders, human eights, etcetera – in casu Americans.
    Give my five minutes in a face to face conversation and you will be crying.

    post scriptum – The ‘Americans’ have a stolen a whole continent from the Original
    inhabitants —————— preserve borders sic!
    You don’t know what you are talking about!!


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