Curt on Ukrainian incompetence

Haven’t made a “wasteland” post in a while.

So, I go to pick up my laptop. They run the charge through the card reader three times and they get an error code each time. They call me today and say they have it fixed. I show up. It doesn’t work. I find out that they have charged me 12K because each transaction DID process, and is now being refunded.

I think we need to have refunds on errors issued immediately, with the merchant absorbing the risk. Where the hell is our consumer protection?

So I am out 12K, albeit for three days, and I have no new laptop [technical problem with it]. Sigh.

This kind of incompetence is rife here.

Sh_t doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. Anywhere. It’s exasperating.

So yes, the people are wonderful, and yes, it’s beautiful and yes the food is good, and yes it’s inexpensive. But you have to put up with third world infrastructure and the all too pervasive remains of soviet bureaucratic incompetence – everywhere.

One thought on “Curt on Ukrainian incompetence

  1. Beauregard

    I am sorry that you let do not grasp that computers, cars,
    and other things may require extensive time and knowledge
    to repair. I am sorry that you do not understand that you
    have to pay even when selected fixer upper is not able to
    repair. You used his time. Nothing in world says that repair
    or fix will be achieved. It just is not so. Especially true of
    computers and cars.

    You used their time. They did their best. You are obligated
    to pay them for their time. That is right thing to do.

    Consider that computer may not be repairable. It may
    require all new insides. That would be board, controllers,
    power supply, interfaces. That is the way of computers. I
    am sorry you do not comprehend such.

    True it may be just a connection or capacitor or chip, but
    finding such may take super computer and it may not be
    worth it. Yes, a backyard technician may find the problem,
    but realistically he may not.

    Sometimes it can be fixed by formatting hard drives and
    re-installing operating system. That is if you are lucky.

    It is not necessarily incompetence. The technician just
    may be good and did a good job. He may have fixed the
    problem, only to have it reoccur next time you power up.
    It just might not be incompetence on their part but yours.

    Power up you computer if you can and save all programs and
    data to one of these new portable hard drives. Format hard
    drive. Reload an operating system. Then see if it is computer
    or software issue.

    Still have problem then just get another laptop. Too much
    trouble to repair older computers. Cheaper to just get new
    one that works.


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