Cyborgs ask for immediate help in Airport terminals

Though Ukrainian forces seem to have captured territory beside airport, the fighting inside the terminals seems to be critical.

Cyborgs are asking for immediate reinforcements via British journalist

Oliver Carroll, who has worked for publications including The Independent, Politico, Newsweek, Foreign Policy, New Republic, said the situation in the Donetsk airport is terrible. “I just talked to Slavik, a Ukrainian soldier of the 80th Brigade, which is in the new terminal of Donetsk airport.” ‘The situation is very, very difficult; we need reinforcements. No one comes. Many, many are missing. Many wounded. I cannot say how many, I cannot say who is alive and who is dead. Also there are many bodies. We need the opportunity to evacuate them.

‘Yesterday there was an attempt to get the wounded out, but it failed. Our wounded are still here. A boy just died who who lost an arm. The “DNR” almost controls the new terminal. They are firing with tanks for three days. And we have no artillery support as much as we need it. We see “DNR” terrorists everywhere around us,” Oliver quoted the soldier on his Twitter- feed.