Daniel McAdams = modern day Walter Duranty

If anyone still doubts that @scotthortonshow & @DanielLMcAdams are on the Kremlin payroll, listen tothis BS: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2014/june/18/ethnic-cleansing-coming-in-east-ukraine-mcadams-speaks-with-scott-horton.aspx … #Ukraine

There are Kremlin agents in the libertarian movement.


Let me clarify why I think McAdams is on the Kremlin payroll. His message always matches that of the Kremlin. When Putin was still denying an invasion of Crimea was underway, McAdams wrote a ridiculous peace that the Russian military is their legally based on the fact that they were leasing a base, much like the US leases a base in Cuba, never mind the surrounding of Ukrainian military bases, killing of two Ukrainian soldiers, seizure of Ukrainian navy vessels. Later, Putin admitted his military was in Crime prior to the referendum. The cognitive dissonance was designed to create hesitation and confusion while the military acted. McAdams was part of this.

Before and after Crimea, both Putin and McAdams insisted that the protests and Ukraine’s governments were Nazis. Nevermind the statements my Ukraine’s Jewish community or the widespread use of swastikas and bellamy salutes among the Russian mercenaries in Ukraine (http://romaninukraine.com/russian-nazis-in-ukraine-collection-of-links/). Nevermind that the supposedly radical party in Ukraine got 1% of the vote. The goal of their propaganda is to create cognitive dissonance and hesitation — the make it hard for other people to declare support of Ukraine’s government or to praise the successful revolution which deposed a hideously brutal and corrupt regime. (American libertarians can learn from this!)

Now Putin is looking for an excuse to invade. Russian media has published footage from Syria, claiming they are atrocities committed by the Ukrainian army. They’ve published footage of their own massacres in Chechnya and Georgia and claimed it was the Ukrainian Army. They’ve even published snapshots from movies. Here’s a list (http://romaninukraine.com/russian-nazis-in-ukraine-collection-of-links/). As, always, McAdams repeats the latest Kremlin propaganda. They’re looking for an excuse to invade, and he’s trying to give them one by echoing the propaganda of military perpetrated atrocities.

The reality is that the Russian mercenaries have resorted to widespread torture and kidnappings. People aren’t feeling FROM the supposedly Nazi government, but from the Russian mercenaries. Human Rights Watch has commented on their use of torture, their xenophobia, and their use of intimidation. The Catholic press described the situation in Crimea as “total persecution.” Tartars have fled in large numbers. Earlier, a Tartar activist was tortured to death.

McAdams also ignores the wide variety of polling data that shows the vast majority of people in Eastern Ukraine favor a United Ukraine. (http://romaninukraine.com/collection-of-surveys-about-sentiment-in-e-ukraine/) McAdam’s claim that this is a local effort for autonomy is total, complete, cynical propaganda.

He’s a disguising human being. A coward, traitor and opportunist.

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  1. steveZ

    “McAdams repeats the latest Kremlin propaganda. They’re looking for an excuse to invade, and he’s trying to give them one by echoing the propaganda of military perpetrated atrocities.”

    That really makes no sense. The kremlin wants to invade, so McAdams tells them what they told him?

    I’m pretty sure Daniel’s target audience is American. I doubt his “propaganda” is reaching the ears of those who’s decision it is to invade or not invade (on the behalf of Russia) further into Ukraine. He wants us to stay neutral. He’s not advocating we help the Russians invade, he’s saying 1) don’t nation build, and 2) don’t pick sides. So yes, libertarians, take note.

    So the real problem you have is that Daniel McAdams is not falling in line with the U.S. state department and mainstream media, in beating the war drums for the United States to enter the situation in some way (as if they already aren’t: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2014/03/an-important-second-listen-to-f-k-eu.html).

    I guess you’re in Ukraine (and I won’t try and dispute the facts you’ve presented, as I am unqualified and short on time) so you don’t get the full on ass ramming of propaganda the we get in the U.S. (we do the exact thing you described: CNN was running nonstop clips of Russian tanks and Putin looking through binoculars), pushing the latest “imminent threat” or “humanitarian crisis” that requires my murderous, corrupt, incompetent, bankrupt in every way, government to steal from me to “stop the bad guys and help the good guys”.

    Yes, let’s send our young people, our hard earned money, and the latest killing contraptions our merchants of death have cooked up, over to a country that 95% of the population can’t find on a map. Again, libertarians, take note; if you wanna fight, get your gun and fight. Don’t tread on me.

    McAdams’ “propaganda” (if you’re correct, which I’m very skeptical of) is a drop in the bucket compared to what warmongers pump out day after day, “crisis” after “crisis”. Seriously, you want us involved? (Wait, we already are) Everything we touch turns to shit. Trust me man, you don’t want more U.S. In your life.

    “McAdams also ignores the wide variety of polling data that shows the vast majority of people in Eastern Ukraine favor a United Ukraine.”

    So then at least some people want to secede. Should they not be aloud to? What’s so sacred about this “union”?

    McAdams, along with Scott Horton, are some of the few voices of sanity left in this country.

    1. Damein


      In your attempt to provide an apologia for McAdams and Horton, you ended up making a number of erroneous assertions. First, Roman has not advocated US involvement whatsoever. His critical assessment of McAdams doesn’t mean he is for violence, aggression, Neo-con statecraft or state aggrandizement. How you managed to convolute the two is baffling, but heck, that’s how McAdams goes about answering his critics too.

      Second: Roman is taking much of what McAdams has said to task. It’s odd that you didn’t directly approach any of this head on, but rather moved the conversation to talking points that weren’t apart of Roman’s blog entry. McAdams (and I know this from experience) does the same thing whenever I tried to broach problems I have with many of his assertions. That’s a trick associated with propagandists, not people who wish to seek out the truth.

  2. Roman

    I can spot the shills pretty easily. Some libertarian content producers (James Corbet) become real curious when they here a long-time, reputable libertarian from the US lives in Ukraine. They ask questions, if only to challenge their own belief.

    Others (McAdams, Horton) want absolutely nothing to do with me. They don’t want their propaganda exposed. What they repeat is so far from the truth, it’s ridiculous. The closest thing happening to Ethnic cleansing right now is the crack down on expressions of Ukrainian or Tartar Culture in Crimea, and intimidation of cultural figures. People aren’t feeling from the Kyiv government but *to* the Kyiv government from the areas controlled by Russians or Russian mercenaries.

    The fact that the Ron Paul Institute for Peace is part of the Kremlin propaganda dissemination network is becoming pretty obvious: http://romaninukraine.com/russian-propaganda-network/

    Some of their people have ties to a very strange organization called the British Helsinki Human Rights Group (no relation to the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights). The strange organization is known for praising Belarus’s dictator, trying to make him appear legitimate.

    Here’s an article about it: http://anton-shekhovtsov.blogspot.de/2014/02/pro-russian-network-behind-anti.html

    To me, he seems like a man with no morals whose voice is for sale.

  3. Roman

    ps – “So the real problem you have is that Daniel McAdams is not falling in line with the U.S. state department and mainstream media”

    Are you kidding me? Do you know who I am or what I’ve written in the past about US foreign policy or, more specifically, US involvement in Ukraine?

    Are you also a paid shill too lazy to do the research?



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