2 thoughts on “Daniel McAdams, the Putinist, about Odesa

  1. wayne k

    I believe that Daniel McAdams is being funded indirectly through Russia Today. McAdams works for Ron Paul, and Ron Paul has been highly praised by the Kremlin for his Libertarian beliefs.

    It is not that Putin likes Libertarians, but he likes the idea of the US not interfering in his plan to reconstitute the USSR. Ron Paul in the White House represented an open door for Putin to storm Ukraine.

    I believe that RT is contributing to Ron Paul’s organization, as well as Lew Rockwell, Paul Craig Roberts, etc etc. RT gives these guys plenty of airtime because they openly complain about US government policies. I complain also, but the last place I’d state my opinions is on a Kremlin backed media outlet. Ron paul is being used as an idiot by Moscow. He is given a big voice, but it is to Ukraine’s detriment.

    I am a Ron Paul supporter, but I think he is being really ignorant about Ukraine and Russia. These guys are useful idiots to Putin.. McAdams is the biggest idiot for certain.

    1. Roman

      It breaks my heart to see so much Kremlin infiltration of libertarian organizations. I myself have been a huge Ron Paul fan and active in Libertarian circles.

      It’s like Athens and Sparta in the Pelopennesian War. Each invoked high principles of liberty and self-determination to free the other’s slaves.


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