Dear Ukrainians, please stop agitating for Democracy. You’re making a big mistake. Agitate for property rights!


“If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else’s expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves.” ~ Thomas Sowell (1992)


  1. Ed K

    Two Comments:

    1. It is easy to post such eloquent statements with pictures
    on internet. It is harder to explain how to achieve property
    rights. Part of leadership is education and persuasion with

    This is twitter culture. Quick comments without good reasons.
    Presenting good reasons thru education and persuasion is
    missing from this Posting.

    2. Secondly, how to maintain and protect property rights?
    Where is follow up on how to keep lions at bay? Again, we
    see twitter culture. Quick comments without supporting
    good reasons.

    Where are written words to touch mens souls?

    —————————- // ——————————


    “It is amazing what leadership can accomplish in any organization.”
    Colonel Donald J. Myers USMC (Ret)

  2. Roman

    You’re right on both counts. I’d add to both your points:

    1. It’s not only Twitter culture, though. Truth by repitition exists from the pre-modern Zoorastrian and Abrahamic traditions. It exists also in post-modernism.

    “Who will build the roads?”
    “Democracy is the worst system except for every other system.”
    “Simulate the economy.”
    “Conspiracy theorist.”
    “Save the planet.”

    I’ve come to view the enlightenment as a rare break from the truth-by-repition regime. We had on this Earth, for a limited time and in a limited place, reason.

    In that tradition, I will write “Liberty in Ukraine.” It’s only an outline at this point. I want to put myself on firmer financial footing before beginning. It’ll also be manifest in a science fiction book which is only 10,000 words deep at this point, but it’s a start.

    Anyway, until I do that, I will, in the tradition of our ideological enemies, strive to make brief, biting points which lend themselves to repition. :)

    2. I think you’re question speaks to an important gap in today’s advocacy for a free society. Property rights are only as good as a societies ability to defend them.

    1. Ed K

      It was said, “Truth by repitition exists from the pre-modern
      Zoorastrian and Abrahamic traditions. It exists also in

      Maybe true, but doesn’t the reply use Richard Nixon logic? That is
      others do so did I. Does saying it over with repition make it right?

      Does it make it the best way when you are capable of a higher level?

      Does a one liner demonstrate writing skills?

      ———————- // ————————

      Somewhere in comments about life in Ukraine, it was said that
      host was tryiing to make a living and if he ever got time he would
      write book about ‘freedom in Ukraine.’

      Many years ago a novel was written by James Michener, Hawaii.
      While it was an epic it was not contiguoust. Different segements
      of Hawaian history were merged into the whole book.

      Were the segments of book written from first to last? Do segments
      have to written sequentially? Or can they be merged when material
      is edited?

      How long does it take to write such book? Does it matter.

      One answer to this discussion is discipline. Several hours of specific
      work on project come hell or high water.

      Audacity, Courage, Discipline, one step at a time…
      ——————- // ———————————

      “Integrity is one of the core traits around which all
      else revolves. It goes to honesty and trustworthiness
      and dependability and so much more – all of the
      time (from training fields to battlefields to bars),
      not some of the time. There is no such thing as
      integrity being applied as convenient. One cannot
      sort of have integrity.” Andy Weddington

  3. elmer

    The picture does not depict democracy – it depicts a jungle, where there is animal rule, and you eat what you kill.

    In democracy, there are rules, and they also protect the rights of majorities.

    The picture is obvious sophistry.

    Totalitarianism is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.

    Democracy is a sheep with a gun, contesting the matter.

    Sooooo – the water buffalo would be safe from lions because it has property rights in the land it is standing on?

    Roman, the Sowell quotation is good, and bears repeating.

    The picture you posted, given the caption underneath it, is garbage.

    1. Roman

      Elmer, I hope you realize that the quote you cited, in its original version went like this:

      “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep decideing what to eat for dinner. FREEDOME is a sheep with a gun contesting the vote.”

      It’s generally attributed to Benjamin Franklin, though without decisive proof.

  4. ed k


    Great response. Apparently Roman has spring fever. Makes comments
    on the other media about gorgeous day? Makes comments of trying to
    make a living?

    He makes sounds like his life style is correct?

    I guess we should subtract from actual age his years of military and
    say he is in 20’s?

    He has not recognized that he has got old fast. That he leaves no
    progeny to tell the next generation.

    This is a big problem that I see happening with his contemporaries.

    All his scribings will be for naught if there is no next generation. One
    niece will not insure survival of heritage nor will it be “Y”. It will be gone.

    It takes more than several progeny for lines to continue, especially in this
    age of women’s liberation from not having a family.

    Methinks Roma n has already passed the age to have a family. He is old
    man reminiscing from a hilltop [what he calls screaming at the mountains].

    And there are no echoes…

    It will be that deafening quite…


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