Didnt learn. Without lustration, without judicial reform, the only thing for ‪#‎Ukraine-ians‬ to do is return to kyiv and kill a few politicians.

Didnt learn. Without lustration, without judicial reform, the only thing for ‪#‎Ukraine‬-ians to do is return to kyiv and kill a few politicians.


  1. walt

    This video link below, is by Hromotske TV interviewing Anton Sekhovstov, about criminal corruption in Ukraine/
    (sound quality poor)

    He said Azov battalion was once affiliated with Svoboda but left them in 2004 when Svoboda became more moderate. He also says Minister Avokov and Asov battalions are criminal organizations and at the end of the short video he said that the far right in russia, some of them have joined the DNR separatists and can you belive this, that some joined the Azov battalion. Anton is a progressive to say the least, perhaps an extreme leftist if you follow him on twitter or have read some of his non-ukrainian articles.


    1. Roman

      The Azov regiment (not longer battalion) is now part of the ministry of interior, so I doubt it’s a criminal organization. I’ve met a few good people who are fighting with them.

        1. walt

          I was quoting Anton’s statements on Hromodske TV. I read some of his articles and statements outside of the Ukrainian situation and he pushes a left agenda.

          Here is a quote from and article that Anton linked on his Twitter account;

          “Nevertheless, Gorbach says the authorities would like to rid themselves of extremists and the army and police are trying to suppress the rightists. It’s kind of obvious that all these far right folks are being sent to the front to make them die in high numbers and thereby lessen the threat to the government.”

          Did you get that, the right are sent to the front to make them die. Again I am not promoting these views. This is a Huffington Post article. I have read some other Anton twitter linked articles and they are eye poping.
          Here’s the link from the above quote; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nikolas-kozloff/note-to-ukraine-stop-whit_b_6535316.html

  2. Beauregard

    Quote from


    “According to Anton Shekhovtsov, a visiting fellow at the
    Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna and an expert on
    Ukrainian politics, Svoboda exhibits several ideological
    strands, “including anti-communism, anti-liberalism, racism,
    anti-Russian sentiments, glorification of Ukrainian historical
    right-wing extremism and fascism, and heterosexism.” In
    2012, Svoboda was able to exploit the notion that it was
    the most radical party opposing Viktor Yanukovych, and the
    outfit garnered more than 10% of the vote in parliamentary

    So he does not like anti communist? He must be a liberal?
    He must be gay?

    In conclusion he must be anti Ukrainian.

    1. walt

      “Svoboda exhibits heterosexsism”, yes that’s definately Ukrainian.

      I’ll repeat from my comment above of how shocking it is that the extreme left suggests that the extreme right is being sent to the front to die. Wishful thinking, I suppose.


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